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Sidian Extraction Co.

Sidian Extraction Co. is one of the original Criswel enterprises, stemming from the time before even the CCI. It holds extraction claims for the northern mountains as well as the eastern wastes. To exploit those claims SE maintains numerous extraction facilities, both open pit mining and conventional mining, each one lead by its own subdivision. The company is owned and operated by Varneya Criswel-Moreno.


Director Overseer Pit Boss Worker


To successfully exist for as long as SE, one has to put away foolish notions of compassion, accountability and environmental sustainability. This is exactly what the Criswels did early in the companies history. Ruthless exploitation of both the planet's resources and their workers have shaped the company culture to be very top-down and harsh. This doesn't only express itself in the casual disregard for the lives of their miners, but also in the emission of toxic residue into the surroundings of Sidian's installations.


Sidian was founded only a few decades after the Criswels arrived on Zeon's World and began their slow rise to power. As a freshly immigrated family the resource extraction sector was one of the only possibilities for them to gain a foothold in the economy of their new home. The dirty and low-margin mining business early on established the ruthlessness which came to characterise the Criswel Dynasty. Over time more and more extraction claims would find their way into Sidian's portfolio.   Today, with the marriage of Varneya Criswel to the heir of the Moreno-Clan, Sidian holds extraction claims to the entire northern mountain ranges joined by the former Moreno sites in the eastern wastes. This rejuvenation of the company has strengthened its position in the CCI as the conglomerate's biggest stake in the primary sector of the planetary economy.
Founding Date
Corporation, Mining/Resources
Alternative Names
SE, Sidian
Parent Organization

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