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Alanius Ersott

Alanius Escott (a.k.a. 'Saint' Alan)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Ersott family lived and worked near the northern mountain ranges along the edges of the gigantic mining operations which are located there. After his father died in a major factory accident and his mother caught stone-lung, she gave him to one of the many ecclesiastic orphanages. He never saw her again, as she wanted to spare him seeing her waste away, and he grew up in the scholam to become a preacher. Alanius though could never completely leave his old life behind and frequently sneaked into the city to meet his childhood friends.   In spite of everything he rose through the lower ranks, but could never get used to the priests lifestyle at the cathedrum. To live every day around all that excess, while his people in the city sprawl slowly wasted away, constantly gnawed on his conscience. One fateful day he would get into a heated argument with one of his superiors, asking why the ecclesiarchy didn't spend their enormous wealth to improve the lives of the common imperial citizens. In the following night he sneaked out of the cathedrum for the last time. Alanius kept his head low for a while and finally decided to join his old companions at the mines.
Current Location
Aligned Organization

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