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Will of the Dragonlords: Prologue

Written by JethroTheChronicler

*Sigh* Well, it was quite nice knowing Ithacus and his friends while it lasted, but alas, the warlock did not enjoy my company. So here I am again, back in a lonely bar, with much time on my hands. Perhaps you'd like to listen to a tale much older? Good, good. Sit down, then, and relax. This one may be a bit longer.   We shall start at the beginning. Long ago, dragons were the most fearsome yet respected creatures on the face of Talamh. They helped the elves and dwarves with their cunning. But they had one enemy: humans, who could outshine them in numbers as well as skill. Though the day is not remembered, the act is: the red dragon Kuchall thrashed and spilled the blood of man. The dragons divided themselves, to either oppose mankind or help them.   Lets say about 50 hundred years later, Aethel Ebenwald would instate the nation of Lysandus while the dragons still conflicted with men. It would be in the reign of his grand-daughter, Dariah the Halfdwarven, when the dragons would try a full-blown assault on the nation. Heroes arose, however, and stopped these creatures. They would be rewarded with land, turning into the Dragonlords.   After the disastrous reign of King Erik, good King Mortimer II finds himself in a time of turmoil. A faction of knights, called the Knights of Black Dragon, began to hound Lisanrik and threaten the stability of the nation. The Kingdom of Danen still holds Orwood and Obesfeld and refuses to let go of it. It is a political crisis, and with the armies dwindled, Mortimer II is desperate for mercenaries once again.   Yet in this midst of this, a small group of mercenaries come to the city of Silver Town for a seemingly small transaction: to meet with the local baker for an assignment.

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