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Will of the Dragonlords: Epilogue

"Oh, I apologize. You wanted to know what happened to our fateful heroes, the Dragonblazers? And everyone else as well? Why, let me tell you. Their paths went different directions, yet all remained together. Truly, when someone has such a bond it is hard to destroy. Let Jethro recount what happened to these proud heroes. We still have an hour into the night, I think. So sit tight, good listeners."

Fates of the Dragonblazers

Riley Woodhame

Sir Riley Woodhame returned the Mirror Shield to the Hearthstars and he disposed of their corrupt leader. Because of his bravery and position as a Dragonlord, Riley became the head of the organization. The Mirror Shield proved to be of Elven make, and since Riley recovered it, the Elves of Gaelitia got into better terms with Lysandus for uncovering their history.   As for the Cult of Vivian, no longer was it hidden. How could they be? Vivian played a hand within the liberation of Lysandus. The cult of Vivian became a true religion within Lysandus, though Riley remained out of it. He was more concerned with finding more power. As the lord of the city of Keller's Coast, he certainly got that fix. Some even argued he took Beorhtric's place, looking after the Children of Keller within the city with Vivian's guidance.   But what remained of Riley’s future? Nobody knows what he was truly up to. Occasionally, it seemed he convened with the powerful Slytoff Han over the next hundred years to determine that. Other than that, he became some sort of a phantom. Sometimes he would reappear in the choice times of history, helping Lysandus when needed most. Otherwise, his fate became unknown, and he faded away from history.   What is known is that, by the end of the 58th century, the sword Fatebender was placed in the Stone of Fell within Feller’s Rock, with an engraving: Whoever lifts the sword from the stone shall be the next Champion of Vivian.

Wulfric Dragonbane

Sir Wulfric no longer carried the mocking surname of Cisboren, his last name being changed to Dragonbane. Indeed, he proved to be a bane to the remaining dragons in the land with his sword Dragonslayer. King Mortimer’s negotiations failed, and so Wulfric led the armies of Lysandus to reclaim Obesfeld and Orwood in 5690. Wulfric became an honored general, as well as the Lord of Obesfeld, becoming so ferocious that the armies of the Danen feared him more than their goddess Morganine. The Danen were driven out of Lysandus for good. Thus he gained the moniker “The Sentinel of the North.”   Wulfric met up with Hilda Snowladen in Obesfeld. Slytoff used a spell of scrying to confirm that Wulfric and Hilda were half-siblings. The two decided to embark on a journey to finally find their father in 5692. Travelling to Norden, they found their dad, alive and very old, being tortured in an orc camp. The two liberated their father, Bjarke Snowladen. They reconciled, with their father being regretful that he never actually raised his children. He got tied up in orc caravans as a slave since he tried to cheat him. Bjarke then promised to give up his life of hedonism and be part of his children’s lives.   Eventually, Hilda brought her four sons, named George, Brunwulf, Eadhed, and Eanulf, to be trained under Wulfric’s ways of war. Wulfric formed the Knights of Dragonbane with them. Until the end of his days, Wulfric and the Knights protected the lands of Keller from orcs, giants, and dragons which tried to terrorize them.   After Wulfric’s death, the sword Dragonslayer gained an engraving, saying “The Sword of Wulfric Dragonbane” to remember his legacy. The Knights of Dragonbane swore that the sword would never be lost again.

Slytoff Han

Sir Slytoff Han would return to Miweck, using his money to create an even BETTER wizard tower than even Imin Aldir had. Slytoff became a more powerful mage in the next decade, to the point of surpassing any of those in the Mage College. Yet, in spite of them, he used his powers to instead create the greatest magic show of all time: Slytoff Han’s Explosive Entertainment.   He became the Lord of Feller’s Rock, with Galafred becoming his steward in the land. Galafred helped manage the place while Slytoff went on his journeys. Slytoff would also make a new crown for himself, made of black fire, to show himself as powerful. Also Slytoff threw the best birthday parties in all the land. People all over the world came to Feller’s Rock for the greatest parties and preform at them. Truly, his wealth never went out because of this.   For a period of five years, Slytoff also trained Prince Jacob the ways of magic. Prince Jacob thus became a powerful Eldritch Knight. However, with the death of his brother Adran, Prince Jacob had to leave Slytoff’s training and take over duties of the crown.   So, Slytoff went on tours all across the world, visiting even kingdoms in Faraway, to display his power as a wizard. He helped refund his parents after they got trapped in an MLM scheme, to give them proper retirement. Slytoff traveled across the world to show his impressive display of magic until the end of his days.

Tequila Cambow

After the defeat of Qenlynn Millerstone, Tequila became immensely rich. He used his money to start building an amazing cathedral back in Silver Town (to which he became lord over), as the old one was destroyed by the Danen invasion. Because of his efforts, he accidentally started an artistic renaissance in Lysandus due to the paintings decorating in the cathedral. Or was it accidental? Perhaps it was the power of Amagus once again showing humans how to further their development.   He passed the Mace of Light onto a paladin named Kilroy, who used the weapon to adventure on his own. Tequila swore until the end of his days that the mace was cursed (for he missed more with the weapon than hit with it), but he would soon find out that luck, indeed, does exist, and unfortunately it was not on his side.   Because of his journeys, he also led priests of Amagus to understand more about the Underdark, Dragons, and the nature of demonic powers in the world. His experience was well spent, and gave him a promotion from simple priest to a bishop. The tension that once was between the crown and the church disappeared. The worshipers of Vivian also surfaced, and began to start their own churches after centuries of being underground, and Tequila allowed this.

Gilliam Maydestone

Gilliam was quite aware of the short lifespan of Aaracokra, and desired to revel in his fame for slaying the dragonness Qenlynn for much longer than a meager 20 tears. He searched for immortality while remaining the Lord of Orwood. Thus, with a crew of pirates and Slytoff with him, they ventured into lands unknown. They uncovered the Wallingwish Islands. Then, in furthur exploration, they discovered where the Treasure of Ages once was. Gilliam and Slytoff made a magical map so they would never lose where to find it. However, once he drank from the Treasure of Ages, Maclir wiped his memory. However, he outsmarted the god Maclir, bottling up some of the water and snuck it out to extend his life further with Slytoff.   Gilliam used his extended life and wealth to create a school high up in the mountains, called the Aerie. A sword school, he taught bounty hunters to keep Lysandus safe and got quite a bit of wealth from it. He lived for another 800 years and taught many. Eventually, as his water from the Treasure faded, he passed the map over to one of his apprentices, a Tallian pirate named Federico Cortez, so that he may find the treasure before passing. Unfortunately, Gilliam died before Federico could accomplish his task, but he lived an incredibly full life.

The Fates of the Others


The soul of Beorhtric was finally freed in the Battle for Amagus Tower, as well as the souls of the fallen knights, as the Children of Keller were saved from the draconic menace. The night after Qenlynn Millerstone’s death, the soul of Beohrtric led the armies of the dead down the spectral stream, finding their way to the afterlife they desired for millenia.   Beorhtric was awarded for his work of Vivian to the plane of Shalvalla, the Dwarven afterlife. For the rest of eternity, he would drink in the presence of Vivian and Boldur, as well as the rest of his knights and kin.   And no longer did Beorhtric have to worry about the Children of Keller. Wulfric Dragonbane protected them in the north, and Riley Woodhame remained the Champion of Vivian. Under the Knights of Dragonbane, the lands of Keller would be safe.

Hilda Snowladen

Winter by yagaminoue
After rescuing her father in 5692, Hilda decided to care for the aging man while in the company of her half-brother’s house. Eventually, Bjarke would die. Hilda mourned her father’s passing, but found comfort in the fact that, at least, the family was reunited.   While Wulfric remained the Sentinel of the North, Hilda went her own path. She continued to assist the cities of Lysandus and travellers. She joined Sir Galafred in Lisanrik to route out the remaining Black Knights. By the year 5700, the Black Knights were scourged from the land of Lysandus for good, creating a century of peace for the region.   Eventually, Hilda would marry Sir Galafred, having six children and settling in the city of Orwood. But they grew distant, as Galafred swore to be Slytoff Han’s tongue when he was not present in Feller’s Rock. Four of her sons trained under Wulfric, eventually forming the Knights of Dragonbane. She remained a Knight of Keller until the day she died in 5744.


Hamill found himself continuing to practice his magic, gaining further control of it’s chaos, and would eventually serve as an administrator to Kirkwall. He assisted in tracking down further Black Knights within the region, eventually clearing them in 5700.   Hamill evidently began to study dragons even further after the events of the crises. He would write the Dragon Chronicle, an in-depth history on the dragons of Talamh and their beliefs.

Sir Galafred

Knight by JakeWBullock
Sir Galafred renounced his Danen heritage, instead serving as a loyal knight to Lysandus. He continued to be an advisor to Slytoff Han in Feller’s Rock, and eventually became the Captain of the Guard. Eventually he would ally with Hilda Snowladen and Hamill the Sorcerer to hunt down and prosecute the remaining Black Knights in Lisanrik. This goal was accomplished in 5700, the start of the century, where peace was finally restored to Lysandus.   He would then marry Hilda Snowladen, having six children with her, and settled in the city of Orwood. He became distant from his wife, unfortunately, as he travelled much to Feller’s Rock to be in Slytoff’s place as he travelled the world. He swore an oath and would fulfill it until the end of his days.


The halfling traitor Seldwig managed to escape the guards of Silver Town for a few months. However, he was eventually spotted by Sir Galafred’s forces. He was captured, put on trial, and placed in prison for decades because of his betrayal to Lysandus.

Morgesk and the Dragonkin

With the death of Morgesk in the battle field, the dragons splintered further. Many of the dragons fled from Keller as Wulfric Dragonbane chased them from the lands. Morgesk's children remained in charge of the Dragonscale Mountains, but many other dragons opposed them. Chaos overcame the mountains, and the dragons battled for dominance. Eventually, Morgesk's descendants and the other metallic dragons formed their own kingdom on the mountains, while the chromatic dragons went west, toward the lands of Gothai.   One chromatic dragon in particular, the brother of Gorgoth named Gorgek, was angered by the death of his brother. He fled to the nation of Icenglav, where he plotted with a sorcerer to kidnap the princess and release the Lichking Koschei from his icy prison. Fortunately, he would be vanquished by the hands of three adventurers, named Charles Mane, Saphira, and Aldric Gemcutter.   Morgesk would go on in Lysandus' legends, however, for his bravery in the Battle of Amagus Tower. Lysandus itself became better with the terms of the metallic dragons, often relying on them in times of war or troubles when their enemies wished to vanquish them. Thus, a national symbol became the Silver Dragon.

Cemedri Magicus - Imin Aldir and Warder Payne

Master Imin Aldir stepped down from his position as Arch-Mage after the death of Qenlynn. He was too mortified by his mistake and it’s damage. Instead, Warder Payne became the Arch-Mage while Imin Aldir took a pilgrimage to Gaelitia, to understand magic better. Once he returned to Lysandus, he admitted that Slytoff was his superior solely because of his bravery.   Imin still taught at Cemedri Magicus for decades as a master of magic, trying to reconcile his mistakes. He became more patient with his students, and more disciplined.   Meanwhile, Warder Payne proved to be a better Arch-Mage, being more inclined to help Lysandus with it’s political situations instead of ignoring them. He led to the school prospering, with attendance coming into greater numbers than ever before.   With Imin, Warder Payne also made a breakthrough in the Underdark, thanks to the Dragonblazers’s interactions with the Drow. The Drow make an unlikely alliance with Cemedri Magicus, eventually growing mutual respect. The college began to study more of the creatures of the Underdark, and eventually uncovered a terrifying species: Illithids. The Mage College thankfully closed the Illithids into a tunnelway with assistance from the Drow, so the Illithids could not escape. They feared that one day they’d prove problematic for Talamh, however.

Qenlynn Millerstone

Qenlynn Millerstone was vanquished in the form of a dragon, but her soul was not one. The gods of Talamh thus punished her for this disgusting magic. She was thrown into the Nine Hells, for her soul to be tormented by the devils for all of eternity for her wickedness. She eventually corrupted enough to become a Red Abishai, going into Tiamat’s eternal servitude, and suffering for it.   All of her teachings and followers would eventually be hunted down by Sir Galafred, Hilda Snowladen, and Hamill the Sorcerer the decade after her death. Eventually, her rebellion was scourged from Lysandus. Qenlynn Millerstone’s beliefs and legacy thus faded.   However, tales of her evil did live on. In particular, the Bard Reuel from Lysandus sung of her fall, compiling a legend called “Will of the Dragonlords” which would be sung for centuries to come. His descendant, Jethro the Chronicler, would continue to tell this legend across Talamh.

Prince Jacob Oncett

Prince Jacob would be taught by Slytoff the art of magic. Prince Jacob would often help in his magic shows. 10 years later, his brother, Adran, would die of plague. King Mortimer Darius mourned for the loss of his eldest son. Thus, Prince Jacob left Slytoff in order to address the family problems. Thankfully, Slytoff taught him enough to make him an Eldritch Knight.   Prince Jacob would eventually marry into Gothain royalty, a Princess Dinese Bourdon. This act rebuilt trust between Lysandus and Gothai during several years of peace throughout Eiren.   King Mortimer would die 21 years after the Second Dragon Crisis. So, in 5710, Jacob Oncett was crowned King of Lysandus. King Jacob would listen to the wisdom of the Dragonlords. The efforts of Tequila, Riley, Wulfric, Gilliam, and Slytoff brought along a new Golden Age for Lysandus, and King Jacob Oncett ensured these heroes were remembered for their bravery for the rest of his peaceful reign.  
"Well, my friends, that is the tale of how Lysandus was saved from utter destruction. The sorceress Qenlynn Millerstone was vanquished from the land as well as her followers. As for the heroes of Lysandus, their actions still affect the land to this day. It was during the reign of King Jacob that the Wallingwish Islands were discovered by Gilliam Maydestone, leading to the expansion of Lysandus into a mighty empire many generations afterward.   As for the dragons… It was their defeat at the hands of the Dragonblazers that led to many going underground. Never again did the dragons create a full on assault on the continent of Eiren, for they feared the swords Dragonbane and Fatebender. Much into the reign of King Jacob, the flag of Lysandus would change, becoming the logo of two united swords. Dragonbane became the Sword of the Keller, and Fatebender the Sword of Lisanrik. And Lysandus would prosper for the next millenia, becoming a powerful kingdom under the sign of the Two Swords. All thanks to the will of the Dragonlords.   Alas, it is getting late in this old bar. ‘Twas a long tale indeed, and I’m sure many of us wish to sleep. Enjoy yourselves. I may just travel to Tallia, singing songs of another tale from Gothai along my way. But I ask you one thing: where shall you be when the next Chronicle of Talamh is told?"
  • Riley Woodhame - Human Fighter 1, Hexblade Warlock 9. Upon his person was the mystical sword Fatebender, as well as mithril chainmail, a cloak of elvenkind, an ioun stone of protection, and the sword Flame Tongue.
  • Wulfric Dragonbane - Human Battlemaster Fighter 4, Berserker Barbarian 6. Upon his person was the mystical sword Dragonslayer, as well as a horned helmet, Horn of the Danen, and the Boots of the Winter Land.
  • "The Amazing" Slytoff Han - Gnome Evocation Wizard 9, Fighter 1. Upon his person was the Cloak of Protection and +1 Scalemail. There was never a more tankier wizard in the land.
  • Tequila Cambow - Human Knowledge Cleric 10. Upon his person was the Mace of Light, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, and a Crystal Ball.
  • Gilliam Wulfsten Maydestone - Aaracokra Swashbuckler Rogue 10. Upon his person was the Immovable Rod, the Sword of Lifestealing, and the legendary Beads of the Zodiac.

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