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"Who are you, Lysandus? Are your jade-like hills and sapphire coast the jewels of Amagus or the craft of Boldur? Is it the Crown of Men that makes you grand, or the Hammer of Dwarves?"
The Kingdom of Lysandus was a sovereign constitutional monarchy situated in the regions of Keller and Lisanrik. It shared land borders with Gothai in the Northwest and Boldurun in the Southwest.


Lysandus is a constitutional monarchy, centralizing power of the nation under a single crown. The crown is often passed down to the senior-most child of the king, biased more toward male heirs. However, if there is only a daughter left for the children, they become Queen while any husbands she takes rules as a Duke. If no children remain, the line goes to the King's oldest brother and/or his oldest child.   Power allocated toward the King would them being the head justice of the court in Lysandus. The King of Lysandus has their own small court of advisers and knights, which is called the Round Table, in which they discuss military, religious, and economic handling of the nation.   Under the power of the crown is the House of Chiefs, consisting of aristocratic lords that control the cities of Lisanrik and Keller. The most high ranking of these lords were the adventurous Dragonlords. The House of Chiefs would discuss with the monarch on different legislation and charters to give to the people of Lysandus. The Chiefs would vote on the legislation while the monarch had power to veto or pass it as official law.   Under them was the Court of Ebenwald, which would be the head of justice in Lysandus in order to convict felons. There would be a total of five judges who served for life here.


Sometime around 1A 1000, humans managed to construct ships to get to the land of Eiren coming from the eastern region of Chunc. There, they began to meet the Dwarves and Elves, who had power over the land for themselves. Though at first they served these men, some more Barbaric groups of humans, called the Goths, rebelled against the Elves and fought back their forces to live under their own rule. These men would establish the Kingdom of Gothai.   However, the men of Keller found themselves comfortable under Dwarven rule, at least for a while. Eventually they began to settle south in Lisanrik, which began to bother the Hill Dwarves in that region. Over the next 2,000 years small human city states sprinkled across Keller and Lisanrik, with tribal leaders heading the cities, while the Dwarves had a strict monarchical structure. This allowed them to still have better control over these men. That changed, however, as they began to extend their influence too far. Some of the Dwarven armies, afraid of the growing power of these city states, began to assault them in order to keep them in check.

Creation of the Kingdom of Lysandus

In 1A 5478, a young tribal leader from Brymoor named Aethel Ebenwald grew tired of Dwarven rule and rallied the tribes of Lisanrik and Keller in order to unite them under one banner. Some refused, to which he conquered to allow them to understand his power and rule. Eventually he took the city of Anfeld and became crowned "King of the Ebenwald", his own name for his gathered tribes. It wouldn't take long for Aethel to also gather the tribes of Keller.   The Ebenwalds found themselves troubled by a Dwarven sabotage where they built dams on the Silver River to destroy the crops in Lisanrik. This started the Battle of the Silver River in 1A 5489, to which Aethel managed to win with new morale. Then, in 5492 Aethel attacked the Golden City in Northern Lisanrik in hopes to take it's economic power. Allied with Gothai, he managed to weaken the Dwarven numbers until in 5496 he disposed of the Dwarven King there and stormed the city. Then, Aethel would be crowned the King of Lysandus, a new united kingdom connecting the two regions of Keller and Lisanrik. Aethel would also have his named changed to "Ebenwald Lysandus".   Under Ebenwald Lysandus' rule, the nation would undergo about 25 years of peace, until he would die and his crown would be passed to his son Adran I. Adran would focus on creating a proper judicial system as well as institutionalizing the land. However, because of his relationship with the Dwarves, he would be assassinated in 1A 5527, where his daughter, Dariah, would be crowned queen.

The Dariahan Era

Because Queen Dariah was a half-dwarf, she immediately met opposition from the men of Keller, who hated Dwarves. A small rebellion from Keller began in 1A 5545 led by a man named Mortimer Oncett. Dariah would put down the rebellion, however the men of Keller would continue until they formed a new Kingdom of Keller, crowning Mortimer as king. From 5552-5554 Dariah would battle with Mortimer until divine influence from Amagus allowed her to capture Mortimer because of hysteria overcoming his troops. Then, Dariah would propose a political marriage to him in order to bring peace, to which Mortimer eventually agreed with. Thus, the kingdom was united again.   26 years of peace would come to Lysandus, with a Paladin of the Crowns order being created, the construction of Amagus tower began, making a navy in Keller, and continual public works. However, the years would end with a terrible plague in 5581 which killer Mortimer and left Dariah under pressure. A new Dragon Crisis arose in 5590, where dragons began to destroy cities in Lysandus and across Eiren. Dariah would turn to hiring powerful mercenaries along with her armies to stop these creatures. As a reward, she made many of the surviving mercenaries into Dragonlords, owning land and cities in Lysandus.   After the crisis began to subside, Dariah continued her public works and rebuilt Lysandus. In 5637 she would retire her crown due to her weakening body and give it to her son, Mortimer I. Yet Mortimer's unpopular reign would not last long as he angered the new Dragonlords until he was overthrown by Erik Ebenwald.

Verge of Collapse and Recovery

Erik proved to be a terrible king, instituting corrupt sheriffs, blackmailing public officials, and shut down the Court of Chiefs made by Adran I. He would raise taxes to start a new war to gather new lands for Lysandus by attacking Gothai. In 1A 5658 a false invasion was staged of the holy city of Orwood by confused Gothai soldiers. Erik would use this as an excuse to attack Gothai for a crusade. For 8 years the lands of Lysandus and Gothai battled, however Erik would be defeated by Gothai, who kept the city of Orwood and took more parts of Keller. This angered the Dragonlords, who realized that Erik destroyed the Court of Chiefs to institute an absolute monarchy. They went to war with Erik in 5580, taking up Dariah's grandson, Mortimer Darius Oncett, to oppose him. Erik would be defeated and exiled as Mortimer was handed the crown, becoming Mortimer II.   Mortimer II's reign was met with several crises. The Kingdom of Danen forcefully took Obesfeld, and the rebellious Knights of Black Dragon plagued the cities of Lisanrik with their schemes. Because Mortimer II gave up more power to the dragonlords, he struggled to consolidate funds to fight back Danen and successfully deal with the Black Dragons. In the year 5689, the Black Dragons summoned many dragons back into Lysandus, assaulting the north and south borders of the nation. Through the efforts of heroes called the Dragonblazers (and some intervention with the Lady of the Lake), however, King Mortimer II succeeded in propelling the invaders.   This culminated in the Battle of Amagus Tower, where the Dragonblazers stormed the aforementioned tower while King Mortimer II found himself allied with Dwarves of Bolderun and, mysteriously, the ghostly army of the ancient King Boerhtric of Keller. Facing against the Knights of Black Dragon and the Danen forces, Lysandus broke through the lines, the Black Knights were defeated, and the dragons were driven away from Lysandus. The war efforts of Lord Wulfric Dragonbane would protect the north border, thus securing Lysandus for years to come.

Demography and Population

Lysandus has a huge population of about 1 million people, making it one of the largest nations in the realm of Talamh population wise. Many of these people consist of mostly humans and dwarves, with elves in the minority. There are also more rare races that can be found in larger cities, such as halflings and gnomes, as well as tieflings and half-orcs. Smaller cities likely do not see these races at all, so for them to see a Half-Orc will probably be met with confusion and potential racism.


The continent of Eiren, the homeland of the Dwarves and the Elves respectively. However, it has also become the new home of human kingdoms, including those of Lysandus and Gothai. It's rich history of conflict and culture has made it a staple of visitation, as well as subject to art, songs, and theater.
Currently, the Kingdom of Lysandus is situated on the regions of Keller and Lisanrik.   The holdings of Keller are historically the three cities of Obesfeld, Keller's Coast, and Orwood. Before the Men of Gothai came and took over the place, these cities were minor Dwarven towns. However, they became cities when Men under the leadership of a clan named "Kell" took over and developed them further. Most of the Dwarven history of them has been forgotten, and the Dwarves no longer desire the cities anyways. Thus, it is dominantly belonging to the Men of Keller.   The holdings of Lisanrik were originally comprised of Miweck to Anfeld, plus Brymoor. These were held under the control of Dwarves two hundred years before the birth of Ebenwald Lysandus, but they slowly were outnumbered by the growing human population. Some dissenting tribes of Keller took the cities for themselves and established chiefs to rule the towns. Eventually when Ebenwald Lysandus became king he would add the Golden City, renamed Ebenwald, into this territory.


The military of Lysandus primarily operates in the city of Feller's Rock, a sprawling stone military outpost with an academy that trains citizens to be soldiers under harsh discipline. The local horses near Feller's Rock has made the city into a powerful horse breeding industry as well.   From Feller's Rock, the nation of Lysandus primarily focuses on cavalry units as a mounted infantry when protecting it's borders. The creation of the gun has allowed them to enforce this incredibly well. Besides horse units, Lysandus has always followed a conscripted army policy, allowing their number of soldiers to overpower other nations. This has become increasingly important with the use of guns.   Besides the infantry, the nation has an aggressive amount of castles along it's border and inside of it's land. It seems you cannot go 15 miles without seeing a castle. At sea, Lysandus has a small navy of 30 ships which dwindled after Wallingwish left, which is based in Keller's Coast.


Originally, only the worship of Amagus was allowed in the region of Keller and the worship of Boldur in Lisanrik. When the Kingdom was united, Amagusicm took over as the official state religion. However, this caused conflict with any Dwarves or Men who worshiped Boldur, leaving to tension over centuries. The tension ended with the formation of a new church worshiping all the Good Divines. The Church of the All-Divine is the current religious power in Lysandus, representing the gods of the main populations of Talamh. Amagus, the patron god of Men, is represented in this organization.   The Church of the All-Divine has a significant amount of sway over the crown in Lysandus, since the King/Queen of Lysandus is supposed to have religious advisers. Under their influence, the Kingdom of Lysandus places some of it's tax money to raising clerics and paladins for hunting cults and bringing religious order through inquisition.

Agriculture & Industry

When it comes to agriculture, the people of Lysandus enjoy their sheep and goat farming. Cheeses and lamb meat has been a staple of Lysandan diet. Most clothes from the region, if not being an aristocrat or king, are made from wool instead of cotton due to it's sheer abundance. Other than these things, many Lysandans use the Silver River to take wheat they had grown and crush it down to make grain for bread.   Lysandus is known for having a myriad of different local industries, ranging from lumber to textiles. However, it's main prize has been mercantilism due to it's gold and silver mining near Ebenwald and Silver Town, which they had taken from the Dwarves centuries ago. Smithing has been it's main draw, with steel from Lysandus being considered only second to the blades of Boldurun.

Trade & Transport

Domestic Lysandus uses the Silver River for most of it's long-range transportation for goods, often using rafts or boats to face the calming river. Even wizards from Cemedri Magicus use the river for transportation to get to the city of Ebenwald. When going the opposite way of the river, many travelers prefer to use Adran's Paths, the largest sprawling collection of roads created under the rule of Adran I.   When exporting, Keller's Coast and Wewich are choice for going to the sea for trading with other nations. When the Wallingwish Islands were under the control of Lysandus, they used them for a stopping point to get to Farewey. Now that Wallingwish is no longer under their control, they often have to make trade deals with the powerful Half-Elven family known as the Hapsburgs in Wallingwish to continue their trade. In-land trading is simpler, using extensions of the Silver River to enter Babash and trade with that nation and Gothai, as well as Gaelitia.

Heavenly Eye Preserve Us

Founding Date
1A 5496
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Predecessor Organization
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Lysandus currently uses a system under a gold standard in order to value it's money. Different pieces are valued by a system of 10's, with a single copper piece equaling 1, a single silver piece equaling 10, and a single gold piece equaling 100.
Legislative Body
House of Chiefs
Judicial Body
The Court of Ebenwald
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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Character flag image: Flag of Lysandus by MrCrackerpants

First Age

... 6700 ME

The First Age and it's happenings for the Kingdom of Lysandus

  • 580 1A

    680 1A

    Reign of Nordlieften, the Mountain King
    Civil action

    Nordlieften, the King of the Mountain Dwarves, establishes his kingdom in the Dragonscale Mountains in this century.

    Additional timelines
  • 4300 1A

    Foundation of Albion
    Civil action

    The Petty Kings of Lisanricia opt for their own independence from the Dwarves for the first time. They form the Kingdom of Albion. Oswulf the Longsword is elected the new High King of Albion.

    Additional timelines
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  • 1A 5478-5492

    Unification of Lysandus
    Diplomatic action

    Aethel Ebenwald unites the tribes of Lysandus under conquest and diplomacy into a new Kingdom.

    Additional timelines
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  • 1A 5492-5496

    Taking of The Golden City
    Military action

    King Ebenwald Lysandus and his armies marched into the Golden City to create the new city of Ebenwald and form it as the new capitol of the Kingdom of Lysandus.

    Additional timelines
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  • 1A 5496-5516

    Age of Prosperity
    Cultural event

    The final years of King Ebenwald Lysandus, marked with prosperity and arts.

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  • 1A 5521-5537

    Adran I's Reign
    Era beginning/end

    King Adran I reigns over Lysandus, creating the House of Chiefs and bringing peaceful relationships with the Dwarven Kingdom of Bolderun. His reign would end due to assassination.

    Related Location
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  • 1A 5523

    Peace with Bolderun
    Diplomatic action

    King Adran I comes to the King of Bolderun and negotiates peace with him in order to lighten tensions between Lysandus and Bolderun. The peace would be agreed upon by King Furi, leading to years of peace.

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  • 1A 5537-5545

    Beginning of the Hundred Year Reign
    Era beginning/end

    After the death of Adran I, his daughter, a half-dwarf named Dariah, becomes the Queen of Lysandus to much controversy. Little did she know she would reign 100 years, leading the nation through prosperity and darkness under her strict yet watchful hand.

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  • 1A 5545-5551

    The Keller Rebellion

    The Men of Keller rebel against Lysandus due to a halfdwarven queen, Dariah, taking the throne. Led by Chief Mortimer Oncett, who would be imprisoned by Queen Dariah for his treachery.

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  • 1A 5552-5554

    First Lysandan Civil War
    Political event

    Mortimer Oncett is crowned King of Keller and planned to invade Lysandus. However, Queen Dariah manages to defeat Mortimer Oncett when defending the Golden City. She proposes a political marraige for peace, and he agress, thus ending the war.

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  • 1A 5555-5581

    26 Years of Peace
    Cultural event

    A time of peace in Lysandus under Dariah Halfdwarven. Involved the building of Amagus tower, creation of the navy, and formation of the Paladins of the Crown.

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  • 1A 5581-5587

    The Lysandan Plague
    Disaster / Destruction

    A great plague comes across Lysandus, killing most of it's population and leading to the death of Mortimer Oncett, the queen's husband.

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  • 1A 5590-5609

    The Dragon Crisis
    Disaster / Destruction

    The dragons reappear in Lysandus after a millenia of hiding, wrecking havoc to Brymoor, Kirkwall, and many other Lysandan cities. This crisis led Queen Dariah to creating the Mercenary Clause, a charter that rewarded adventurers and led to the creation of Dragonlords.

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  • 1A 5610-5637

    End of the Hundred Year Reign
    Era beginning/end

    Dariah the Halfdwarven, now becoming an old woman, spends the rest of her days rebuilding Lysandus, reform the House of Chiefs, and ready the throne for her son Prince Mortimer. She would pass years after the reign, with a legacy remembered.

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  • 1A 5637-5652

    Reign of Mortimer I
    Era beginning/end

    The reign of Mortimer I, filled with bad desicions, corruption, and angering of the Dragonlords. Mortimer I would eventually be dethroned by Erik Ebenwald and killed.

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  • 5642 1A

    5652 1A

    Formation of the Knights of Black Dragon

    Cultists of Tiamat, disappointed by the destruction of the dragons, formed a new Knightly Order in Lysandus. It grew as discontent with King Erik continues and Lysandus slipped into a dark age.

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  • 1A 5650

    Erik Ebenwald's Takeover
    Civil action

    Erik Ebenwald, proving he is a rightful heir to the throne, is supported by the Dragonlords to usurp Mortimer I.

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  • 1A 5658-5676

    The Gothai Crusade
    Military action

    King Erik the Wicked stages a false incident in Orwood, leading to a crusade against Gothai. It goes horribly while King Erik uses the time to destroy the House of Chiefs.

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  • 5676 1A

    5676 1A


    Mortimer II's Encounter with Danen
    Life, Identity

    Mortimer Darius Oncett as a young man observes the Gothai Crusade's battles as he is trapped in Orwood. He is captured by Danen soldiers, but is released soon after once they realize his exile made the crusade suspicious. At this point he is given a Horn of Danen.

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  • 1A 5677-5681

    War of the Dragonlords
    Military action

    Mortimer Darius is rediscovered by the Dragonlords after Erik suppresses their power. Mortimer Darius parades Lysandus as the true king, gets imprisoned, but is then set free. Continues his war until usurping Erik and letting him go into exile. Mortimer Darius is thus crowned Mortimer II, King of Lysandus.

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  • 1A 5681

    Drafting of the Constitution of Lords
    Civil action

    King Mortimer II assigns more power to the Dragonlords in an attempt to decentralize and stabilize Lysandus. Reinstated the House of Chiefs with the King only having power to levy taxes and moderate sessions.

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  • 1A 5689

    The Second Dragon Crisis - Will of the Dragonlords Campaign
    Political event

    The Knights of Black Dragon, led by Qenlynn Millerstone, unite with the Danen to try and take over Lysandus with the help of dragons. A group called the Dragonblazers, influenced by Vivian, rise to the occasion and defeat them.

    Additional timelines
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  • 5750 1A

    The Third Dragon Crisis
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    William Wyvern, loyal to Tiamat, resurges with the efforts to restore the dragon king. He is foiled by a group of adventurers, as well as the clone of Qenlynn Millerstone, being called “Thelberg”, who challenges his power.

    Additional timelines


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