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Kana-Kamose the Great (Kah-Nah Kah-Moe-Shey)

Pharoah Kana-Kamose (a.k.a. "Kana-Kamose the Great")

Kana-Kamose II "the Great" was the Pharaoh of the Tam in the years 1150-1180 and thought to be the greatest Pharaoh of Tam. He built great pyramids and monuments in the city of Tam-Ay (spelled "Tamay" in modern usage). He was killed in 1180 by his greedy son and successor, Kana-Ra.


Kana-Kamose II became Pharaoh around the year 1150 at the passing of his father, Kana-Kamose I. He was known for starting great building projects, such as the Great Pyramid in Tam. He was admired in life, having great monuments constructed in his visage. Many of these monuments were built by foreign slaves, as well as paid workers. It was during those days he came across the great snake cult-kingdom of the Yuan-Ti that plagued the northern reaches of the kingdom. He assembled an army to fight the Yuan-Ti in 1160, capturing one of their princesses, a pureblood named Reshta, and forcing them away from his borders.   With Princess Reshta, he fathered his only son Kana-Ra in the same year, who had the blood of Yuan-Ti. Many in those days believed that would be the beginning of his doom. But for the next 20 years, Kana-Kamose continued to build his kingdom with the assistance of his Vizier, the Beholder named Xanamarxes. The kingdom grew mighty, with a great army and powerful economy that rivaled the Pungians North and the Madeci to their East. In those days, Kana-Kamose II was called "the Great" for his prestige.   However, his rule would come to an end as his son, Kana-Ra, grew greedy and desired his father's power, much at his own mother's manipulation. During a feast, Kana-Ra poisoned his own father's cup, killing the great Pharaoh within hours. The conspiracy unraveled, showing that Xanamarxes and Reshta was also part of the plot. In the end of his days, Kana-Ra was mourned by the people, but his own household forgot his prestige, and Kana-Ra was quickly crowned.
1130 ME 1180 ME 50 years old
Circumstances of Death
Murdered by his son, Kana-Ra
Presented Sex

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