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"Do you remember when the Men of Gothai once could be cut by the slim quiver of an elf's arrow? Now, they are a majestic castle, unfathomable to storm. Admire their beauty." -King Ebenwald Lysandus
The Confederation of Gothai was a multi-national state of five sovereign nations in the region of Gothai. It consisted of the Kingdom of Gotha, the Kingdom of Icen, the Kingdom of Norden, the Kingdom of Denan, and a single city state named Avenve.


One will find the Confederation of Gothai to be a bit more complex than the other nations on Eiren. For one thing, the nations inside of it are still sovereign entities with their own political agenda and governmental systems. Yet the four kings are united under a singular council, the Table of Kings, to which they discuss political and economical policies with each other for cooperation and military protection. These meetings take place in the City State of Avenve, which all four kingdoms have pledged to keep independent for reasons of their own.   The meetings are supervised by the Arch-Noble from Avenve, who manages to break ties in decisions. As such, getting the favor of the Arch-Lord makes the negotiations longer, but also more meticulous. The Arch-Noble also gives Avenve's position in the matters too. As per Avenve's government structure itself, the city gets a new Arch-Lord every five years to serve a five year term, so the position is never permanent for one noble.

Public Agenda

As the flag of Gothai shows, the nations joined together to strengthen each other. They built their kingdoms like a "fortress", connecting the inner workings in order to make their kingdoms strong enough to fend themselves from Lysandus, Boldurun, and Gaelitia.
  • The Kingdom of Icen, with their magical ability, find themselves reliant on Gotha for mercantile support. They also rely on Denan for protecting their frail borders.
  • The Kingdom of Gotha primarily relies on the confederation for protection with a powerful military, to which it looks to Norden and Denan for. It is primarily a place of culture and science.
  • The Kingdom of Norda relies on Icen for magical abilities in order to build up stronger soldiers. Money from Gotha allows them to support the military.
  • The Kingdom of Denan relies on the others to keep the society together, as they are a more unorganized barbaric people. In exchange, they secure the borders tightly with some of their strongest warriors.
  • Avenve relies on protection from the other Kingdoms just to secure their independence. They are aware they could easily be taken over by the others, but as a mercantile powerhouse, as well as housing much of the nobility, they have made themselves indispensable.


Before the unification of these kingdoms, the lands of Gothai found themselves in constant war as the competing human tribes found themselves looking for lands to settle. It would end up broken five ways, with five vastly different governments being established in the land. Yet one of the most influential was the city state of Avenve, which grew tremendously rich. It would end up being sacked by Norden, which angered Gotha, Icen feared it's safety, and Denan joined into the battle hungry for war. Thus would begin the Great Gothain War, which would persist for around 20 years.   Then, in 1A 5376, the nation of Norden was successfully attacked by a small armada of Gaelitian troops, and small cities from Keller began attacking and taking Denan lands. The nations, realizing they'd all be destroyed due to their sizes, decided to settle their differences and joined together in the city state of Avenve in emergency as Gaelitia and Keller began taking more land.   The states would end up agreeing that they could do better as one unified nation, but none of the kingdoms wanted to give up power. This is where the Arch-Lord of Avenve stepped in, suggesting a political theory to the kingdoms: a confederation. After some debate, the Kings and Arch-Lord agreed to form a temporary confederation in order to fight back the Elves and Men of Keller. In 5377, the Great Gothai War came to a close as they protected the land and succeeded in driving back their invaders.   However, though the Kingdoms wanted the confederation as a temporary solution, they began to see the benefits that were being reaped from it. The Kings would agree to keep the Confederation alive for as long as possible, so that Keller (and eventually Lysandus) and Gaelitia would no longer prove to be a threat. Thus, they combined their flags and formed the symbol of the fortress, signifying their strength as one.


The continent of Eiren, the homeland of the Dwarves and the Elves respectively. However, it has also become the new home of human kingdoms, including those of Lysandus and Gothai. It's rich history of conflict and culture has made it a staple of visitation, as well as subject to art, songs, and theater.
The Confederation of Gothai currently finds itself inhabiting four territories of different races:
  • The Land of the Nords belongs to a hefty society of blonde-haired warrior folk. They have taken some of the coast of Gothai and some islands to expand their naval power.
  • The Land of Icen, primarily based in Fenebach, is a magical nation where Men tap into the elements. It is mountainous and is nearly constantly cold. Here there is an overwhelming Dragonborn population, with some white-haired Men being apparent in the populous.
  • The Land of Danen (or Denan, it is inconsistent) is taken up by much forest of northern Eiren. Some of the inhabitants, who worship Giants, also live in the Dragonstone Mountains and some of the valleys in them. It is filled with Goliaths and Men.
  • The Land of Gotha is primarily filled with a halfling and human population that enjoys the crisp air and calm temperatures in the valleys next to the Dragonstone Mountains.

"A Fortress Are We"

Gothai Map.png
Map of Gothai by MrCrackerpants
Founding Date
Political, Confederation
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations

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Cover image: Winter is Gone by Frank Att
Character flag image: Flag of Gothai by MrCrackerpants


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