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Chapter 9 - The Battle of Feller's Rock

General Summary

Out of the ruins of Duran-Golgen, the party proceeded to destroy the machine making the bifrost and headed outside from the palace. There, they were met by a Blackguard, a traitorous paladin, and his three wyverns. He sent the wyverns after the party, and instead of fighting, the party opted to flee. John turned his allies invisible and snuck away, while Eogun and Ardor used Dimension Door to teleport away. However, despite being invisible, Uhtric was sniffed out by the wyverns, and gave chase.   He avoided the wyverns by hitting a rock nearby him to smash two of them. He then evaded the last one by ducking under a dwarf building and letting it fly into the wall, smashing into it and going unconscious. Afterward, the party regrouped and found shelter in the caves on the mountains, to beat the dropping temperatures of the night.   The next day, riding on a Griffon came Nilrem, who met up with the party to see what was going on. The party informed him of the happenings of the Bifrost Cube, and how the Danen were planning to march on Feller's Rock again. Alarmed, Nilrem teleported the party back to the city of Feller's Rock to warn the Petty Kings, who were preforming a "Wittan" to elect the next High King of Albion.   When the party arrived, the petty kings were squandering against Aethelred of Ellis, who was trying to get a vote settled upon. Harold Ebenwald II of Brymoor denounced the use of the Wittan as a power grab by Aethelred, and Oswulf II of Anfeld felt the vote was against the old High King Percen's intentions. During the meeting, Uhtric spoke up (having the right to as an earl) and called for peace, and declared that, if not a king be elected, at least a regent should work. Harold Ebenwald refused to vote, but the rest decided that Aethelred should be voted as regent.   Harold denounced the move, and desired to leave the city. Caoimhe questioned his intentions of abandoning his allies, but from Harold's passive-aggressive response, she realized he was planning on betraying the city. Harold left, and hours later, the Danen army appeared at the gates of the city using the Bifrost. The men of Feller's Rock, though outnumbered, stood their ground against the legion and began to fight off soldiers, and the adventurers began to as well.  
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In the midst of the battles, Uhtric was spotted by King Harald the Horrible. Harald threatened Uhtric's life, and desired to slay him for returning to oppose him. The two battled, with Uhtric gaining an upper hand this time due to his ability to smite. In the battle, Ardor's wild magic surged greatly, recharging his powers and gaining partial immunity from attacks. He thus blasted his magic at King Harald and his knights. Harald, getting injured, tried to flee but was slain by a bear summoned by Caoimhe.   When the party finished off Harold, they heard a terrible thump upon the ground. Behind them, where the Stone of Fell was, the terrible Gromherjek re-appeared from his invisibility and slashed at King Aethelred, who fell to the ground, wounded. Uhtric and company came to confront him, but Uhtric hesitated as Gromherjek began to mock him.   “Unworthy,” Gromherjek said. “As I suspected. You are no king, even when you wear the Crown of Lisanricia. I could see it in your eyes the first day I met you, Uhtric: afraid of your destiny. This must be… relieving. A burden lifted off your shoulders. Hahahah! Young fool, the serpent will swallow Albion. But Fate is no certain thing, she would admit to that. Fate can be twisted, prophecy can be wrong. You are not worthy, and I will ensure no man ever is!”   Before the eyes of the adventurers, Gromherjek crushed the Stone of Fell in his hands, and shattered the blade Pendragon. It's pieces scattered, the handle and pommel coming toward Uhtric, who, almost instinctively, picked it up. The dragon reeled his neck, and then looked to the adventurers, his nose filled with smoke, as he was about to draw his fiery breath.   “Die, false king. Once I gave you mercy at Mywick, but I will ensure you will never plague my plans again.”   But as the dragon was about to blow his breath, the wounded King Aethelred took a shard of pendragon and stabbed the dragon in the left hand. Gromherjek roared in pain, and fatally slashed Aethelred. In terrible pain Gromherjek fled, while Uhtric ran to assist Aethelred with healing. Aethelred told him no, and uttered that this was necessary. He told him within his dying breaths,  
"Has Fate turned her eyes against Albion?" No, the sword was lifted from the stone. You hold the sword. "   He coughed up blood, and his face turned pale as he looked at Uhtric with serious eyes.   "I admit, Uhtric, I knew you were the one worthy of it when I first met you. I had formed this Wittan out of jealousy. I would have ruled these people with anger. Yet now I see Fate has chosen you, even despite that dragon's schemes."   He began to fade away, and clenched Uhtric's arm. "They need a true leader. Do not let this chance die in vain, King of Albion. Son of Ebenwald..."
  And thus, Uhtric lifted Pendragon, taking upon his quest. The Danen scattered away from the city, and the fight was won. With the death of Aethelred, Uhtric ordered a funeral for the fallen king, his body being burned in reverence. The party discussed with Nilrem on the next movies, with Nilrem remarking that Morgainne escaped his grasp. He told the party she will return to hamper their progress, no doubt. One of the guards then reported that he spotted Harold Ebenwald rejoining the fleeing Danen army, cementing that he had betrayed the Albions. Nilrem also mentioned that the sword could be reforged at Urshlon, an old Dwarf temple.   Nilrem then departed from the party, stating that the Danen would no doubt be back with greater numbers, and as such they would need more military help. He said, "I shall meet with a dwarf north of here. I know him well, he once stopped the lands of Gotha from a terrible threat. Farewell."   Somber came over the adventurers, watching the pyre burn with the old regent and King of Ellis, Aethelred, as he passed on into the arms of Cardia. Uhtric also contemplated what Aethelred meant by "son of Ebenwald." Was that who he was?
Date (in world)
Midwinten 8th-9th, 4351
Report Date
31 Jan 2022
Related Characters

Player Characters

Uhtric Godwinson, human Paladin of the Crown and the Earl of Beton. Once he was scarred by the Danen for defending his hometown, and has sworn to protect Albion with his life.
Ardor Pelota, dark elf Wild Mage and Wizard. He is a prolific student of evocation magic (especially fire) and a bit of a prodigy. He is joined by his familiar Ash, who has a bad attitude.
John Harvard-Hemming, half-elf Trickery Cleric. A very logical man, John has been seen as a nihilist, having little moral sense yet devoted to his mysterious god.
Caoimhe Kirkpatrick, human Shepherd Druid. Caoimhe is fanatical about myths and legend, but has been sent on a quest by the Ents of Kirk to stop a legend from being created. She is joined by her wolf ally, Fenrir.
Eogun MacOncett, human Rune Knight. Eogun comes from a clan with no claim to fame in the lands of Keller. Armed with Giant runic magic, Eogun seeks to make a name for his family within the lands of Albion.

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