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Chapter 9 - A Curse on Feller's Rock

General Summary

The party had to think fast, as the half-dragon slowly approached them. Riley killed the last kobold attacking them. Yet in a strange twist, the Half-Dragon sniffed out the illusionist wizard, Kilroy Mancer, and killed him. Teq attacked the half-dragon, afraid it would kill them. However, the misunderstanding would be settled. The Half-Dragon introduced himself as Galafred, a knight of draconian ancestry from Danen. He would be experimented on by Kilroy Mancer with a pagan blood ritual. He requested the party to find a cure, and he gave them a Horn of the Danen to contact him. They would loot the experimentation room and found a note in Mancer's office.
Show spoiler
“SELF COPY: It seems the blood of the kobolds worked on our draconic-blooded black knight. It was painful for Galafred at first, but he is now half-dragon. But for your desired transformation, for a full dragon? You need actual dragon blood and more than just moonstone. You’ll need a rarer ingredient called ‘soul ash’.”   Another note: “Note to self: Stop thinking about her! She’s like all other women. They fall for those jerks instead of men like me who actually care about them. Well, that’s her own fault. They’ll be running back to me when their lovers hurt them. They’ll be running back…”
  Before they left, the Southern Stars returned to the gargoyle, and Riley received Mithril Chainmail. Then, they returned to Feller's Rock and did some shopping. Teq gained a breastplate and sold some old armor. Meanwhile, Riley sold his old chain shirt. Afterward, they headed to Castle Feller to received more reward. They would meet the wizard Warder Payne, who was not allowed inside the castle, warning the party of his predicament. Slytoff bragged that he was a greater wizard and could do better.   Indeed, with their signs of the Southern Star, they were allowed entrance. They would try to approach Lord Wickam, but he only listened to the whispers of his court jester, Percival the Persuasive. Percival announced himself as the lord's adviser. Slytoff and Riley confronted Percival. Though Slytoff wanted to challenge Percival's talents, Riley threatened him for manipulating Lord Wickam. Slytoff tried to cast dispel magic but Percival countered it. The duo attacked with a thunderclap and shatter spell, and Percival retaliated by casting Heat Metal on Riley's armor. Riley was quick to remove the armor, and escaped the swords of the guards. Slytoff fired at bolt of fire at Percival, and then nearly was killed by the guards.   It would take a stealthy Gilliam to fire off an arrow shot at Percival. The arrow pierced the bard's chest and immediately killed him. The guards had their charm removed, and Lord Wickam came to his senses. Lord Wickam realized Percival was probably a Danen spy trying to control Feller's Rock, and thanked the party with gold. Now with an open adviser position, Slytoff offered himself as that. Wickam accepted, but was concerned that Slytoff may be gone too much. Slytoff suggested Sir Galafred be his representative while absent, though he was cursed. Warder Payne, now coming to the presence of Lord Wickam, overheard about Galafred's curse and offered to lift it.   Warder Payne teleported the party back to the mines, and quickly cast remove curse on Galafred. Galafred was reverted back to a human, and thanked the party with eternal gratitude. They returned to Castle Feller, and Galafred offered to give Lord Wickam information on Danen happenings. Lord Wickam once again thanked the party for their service, and gave them property in return for their efforts.

Rewards Granted

The party found an insane amount of loot hidden away in the Black Dragon operations in the mine. Opening up a chest, they acquired the following loot:
  • 4000 sp, 2100 gp, 130 pp, 2 x Bloodstone (50 gp), Jasper (50 gp), 2 x Moonstone (50 gp), 2 x Sardonyx (50 gp), Zircon (50 gp), Potion of Greater Healing
  • In addition, Riley Woodhame gained Mithril Chain Mail, of elven craft, which he wore proudly.
The party also received an enchanted item from Sir Galafred, a Horn of the Danen, which allowed them to cast the spell Sending once per long rest for free, in order to communicate with him and others on their quest.

Missions/Quests Completed

The party successfully finished clearing out the mine of Kobolds for the gargoyles and Lord Foswell. To this, the Black Dragon presence was destroyed in the city. The party also found a way to cure Sir Galafred, returning him to his old human self, with the help of Vice-Mage Warder Payne.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Sir Galafred, a man with draconic lineage. He was captured by the Black Dragons and experimented on. He was the victim of a kobold blood ritual, turning him into a half-dragon. In revenge, he killed the dragolok Kilroy Mancer for transforming him. The party would restore him.
  • Warder Payne was the Vice-Mage of Cemedri Magicus, a cynical wizard. He wished to meet with Lord Wickam, and helped restore Galafred.
  • Lord William Wickam, the lord of Feller's Rock. A militaristic man, he was well-aged and was entrusted with power over the citadel.
  • Percival the Persuasive, a Whispers Bard who was implanted as a spy in Wickam's court as a jester. He used charming magic to control Wickam and his guards. He would be slain by Gilliam.
Date (in world)
May 12th, 5689.
Report Date
29 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Sir Galafred was transformed into a horrific Half-Dragon, until cured by the efforts of the party and Warder Payne.

Player Characters

Riley Woodhame: Riley Woodhame, human fighter and warlock, is a member of the Hearthstars (an organization based on gathering information under Amagus' teachings). His search for power and knowledge led him to find the Lady of the Lake, giving him an inkling of control over his own fate.
"The Amazing" Slytoff Han: Slytoff Han is a magician! A gnome wizard, he seeks to find funding to create a magic show and has traveled around County Ellis to show off his skills for potential audiences.
Wulfric Cisboren: Wulfric is a human fighter, who hails from Obesfeld, and a former housecarl. He appears to be a man of the north, covered in furs. Recently he has been talking more in a Norden accent, and has been behaving more like the Dwarves of North in his fighting style.
Gilliam Wulfstan Maydestone: Gilliam is an aakocra swashbuckler, as well as an urchin that grew up in the city of Ebenwald. With his skills with the blade, he seeks higher up contracts to fill his pockets.
Tequila "Teq" Cambow: Teq is a cleric of Amagus, devoting his life and services to the god. He was introduced to the party by the local bishop of Silver Town, searching for field experience and for building his faith.

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