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Chapter 7 - Into the Mountains

General Summary

After a celebration of Winterball, the month of Midwinten and the beginning of the year 4351 had come. The adventurers deliberated, and agreed that they needed to pursue the Bifrost in the mountains where Duran-Golgen did lie. They travelled down the river and came to Silver Town, busling with people and answers they were pursing. In particular, Uhtric desired to know more about his family: who his parents were, in particular. After selling some jewelry, the party went to the Church of Amagus and Cardia, speaking with the priests there. They came across Father Jerome, an ancient man who could give them many answers.   Uhtric learned about the reign of King Oswulf, the mighty Longsword of Lisanricia, and how he drove away the Mountain Dwarves north of them to protect the lands of Ellis. Uhtric considered that perhaps he was a son of Oswulf, but this was shown to be impossible. He searched into Rufusender, and came to no conclusion. Father Jerome told him the truth may not be what he sought, but would be revealed to him. Meanwhile, Father Jerome told Brother John about his curse from Bghonah, that he never lost his ability to be moral; indeed, he said John could determine his morality from his thinking.   The party finished their business in Silver Town, and then travelled further northwest to get to the Dragonscale Mountains, following Alvor's map. They went north of Lake Goldwater and came to the base of the mountains, then travelled up a perilous path. On the path they were attacked by Galeb Duhrs, rock monsters that desired to stop them from passing forward. The party slew them and came to a bridge. They were then attacked by a group of wyverns, who tried to sting them with their tail, but none were significantly poisoned, and the party journeyed more.   Past that, they rested for the night in an open cavern in the mountain. Eogun kept watch outside (as his Boots of the Winterlands allowed him to resist the cold tempuratures), and realized they were sleeping in a yeti's den. They woke up and left the den, but then were attacked by two yetis, as well as an Abominable Yeti. The yeti tried to attack them, but Caoimhe sent two bears from the mountains, summoned by her magic, to deal with the yetis. The Abominable killed the bears with a frosty breath attack. Ardor blasted the yetis with his fire magic, leaving the yetis to be very afraid and back away from them. Then, Uhtric rose his blade with a holy vigilance, and smote the Abominable Yeti with critical power in his blow. The party cleanly finished off the yetis, ready to take on the next challenge.   They walked further up the path in the mountains, where they found a +1 shield near the entrance of the ruins of Duran-Golgen. Once, the ruins were the palace of the Dwarf King of the Mountain. Now they were in disrepair. The party then entered inside, ready to fight their way to the bifrost...
Date (in world)
Midwinten 1st-6th, 4351
Report Date
15 Jan 2022

Player Characters

Uhtric Godwinson, human Paladin of the Crown and the Earl of Beton. Once he was scarred by the Danen for defending his hometown, and has sworn to protect Albion with his life.
Ardor Pelota, dark elf Wild Mage and Wizard. He is a prolific student of evocation magic (especially fire) and a bit of a prodigy. He is joined by his familiar Ash, who has a bad attitude.
John Harvard-Hemming, half-elf Trickery Cleric. A very logical man, John has been seen as a nihilist, having little moral sense yet devoted to his mysterious god.
Caoimhe Kirkpatrick, human Shepherd Druid. Caoimhe is fanatical about myths and legend, but has been sent on a quest by the Ents of Kirk to stop a legend from being created. She is joined by her wolf ally, Fenrir.
Eogun MacOncett, human Rune Knight. Eogun comes from a clan with no claim to fame in the lands of Keller. Armed with Giant runic magic, Eogun seeks to make a name for his family within the lands of Albion.

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Cover image: Mountain Yaks by Jason Scheier


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