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Chapter 23 - The Invasion Within

General Summary

Waking up in Ebenwald, the Dragonblazers decided to pick up their magical items and head out to Keller's Coast, to meet King Mortimer's request of finding the sword Dragonslayer and the mystical Beorhtric. On their first day of the journey, a pack of Black Dragon Knights tried to kill them, but the party handled them well with a fireball and their swords. The party continued the next day to Keller's Coast, an ancient human city.   As the party travelled through the city, they suddenly realized they were pickpocketed: they stole Riley's Flame Tongue Sword, and Wulfric's Black Dragon tabard. Gilliam used his understanding of Thieves' Cant to track down three criminals to an alleyway. Slytoff blasted the criminals with a fireball, and Wulfric tried to stop one from escaping by grappling him and killing him. The thieves made a run for it, but Wulfric captured one, and Gilliam stabbed another in the street. One of the guards tried to question Gilliam, but the rest of the party came to his defense. The party interrogated the thief, one of the Scarlet Scarves. The thief told them that they were cooperating with the Black Dragons and the Danen. Wulfric dealt with him by throwing him in the sewer.   The party, now concerned, went separate ways. Tequila went to the Temple of Amagus within the city, while the rest of the Dragonblazers stopped into the Stout Scoundrel, an inn in the shady parts of town. They paid for food and room. However, when eating, Riley got very drunk off elven ale. Gilliam overheard some suspicious men discussing that the "party looked familiar". Gilliam and Wulfric confronted the men, who tried to lie. Gilliam's magic necklace showed him that was false. They pushed the men to talk. The men admitted they were Danens, and that they poisoned the party's food. The party felt their stomach's churn. The Danen then told the party a harrowing truth:  
"A month ago we left Obesfeld to attack here. We were going to do the honorable thing and do a full-scale assault, but Lady Qenlynn suggested attacking within. We've already infiltrated the city: Keller's Coast is lost!"
  Wulfric became enraged, and publicly beheaded all three of the men in a single stroke of his sword. The bar attendees suddenly drew their weapons, but Gilliam persuaded the men not to attack, and revealed to them that the Danen have already started invading. The people panicked, rushing out of the bar. The party then turned to the bartender, who tried to flee, but Wulfric beheaded him. In a hurry, the party rushed toward the Temple of Amagus for healing.  
The party had to fight the Knights of Black Dragon and Danen, who tried to corner them into the church and kill them.
With Tequila already there, the party's poisoning was getting worse. They approached a priest, named Brother Leland, who restored them of their poison, and Riley was cured of drunkenness. The party warned the priests of what was happening. Then, some banging came to the church doors. Suddenly, Black Knights burst through the door, along with Danen soldiers, and tried to kill the party. Slytoff shot a fireball, Wulfric went in charging, Riley used his powers over shadow, Tequila used a spectral guardian to protect the church, and Gilliam began maneuvering around to attack. The party made short work of the Danen, but parts of the church were burned. That was hardly the most concerning thing: the Knights of Black Dragon had their hands on Keller's Coast!

Character(s) interacted with

  • Frederick, one of the Scarlet Scarves who tried to steal from the party. He was collaborating with the Knights of Black Dragon.
  • Bjorn, a Danen informant whom Wulfric would behead.
  • Brother Leland, a priest of Amagus who healed them.
Date (in world)
May 25th-27th, 5689.
Report Date
17 Jun 2020
Black Knight archers tried to kill the party on their venture towards Keller's Coast. Little did the party know it was a premonition to what would happen to the ancient city.

Player Characters

Riley Woodhame: Riley Woodhame, human fighter and warlock, is a member of the Hearthstars (an organization based on gathering information under Amagus' teachings). His search for power and knowledge led him to find the Lady of the Lake, giving him an inkling of control over his own fate.
"The Amazing" Slytoff Han: Slytoff Han is a magician! A gnome wizard, he seeks to find funding to create a magic show and has traveled around County Ellis to show off his skills for potential audiences.
Wulfric Cisboren: Wulfric is a human fighter, who hails from Obesfeld, and a former housecarl. He appears to be a man of the north, covered in furs. Recently he has been talking more in a Norden accent, and has been behaving more like the Dwarves of North in his fighting style.
Gilliam Wulfstan Maydestone: Gilliam is an aarakocra swashbuckler, as well as an urchin that grew up in the city of Ebenwald. With his skills with the blade, he seeks higher up contracts to fill his pockets.
Tequila "Teq" Cambow: Teq is a cleric of Amagus, devoting his life and services to the god. He was introduced to the party by the local bishop of Silver Town, searching for field experience and for building his faith.

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