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Fey-Blooded, also called "Faerie Blooded," is a genetic condition inherited by someone whose ancestry has intermingled in some way with the Fey Species of Solia.   For some, this is as simple as having been born too close to a Ley Lines, while others this is a result of intermingling[tooltip]Blame the bard, honestly. We do.[/tooltip] with a fey creature.   Whatever the cause, the Fey-blooded individual has a certain touch of magic and otherworldliness to them. Depending on the type of fey in their lineage, they may share appearance, personality, and temperment traits in common with their ancestor.

Transmission & Vectors

The fey bloodline is transmitted either through direct contact with Ley Lines or through somehow intermingling with the essence of a fey creature. This can be as innocuous as receiving a boon or as lascivious as copulation.


The fey-blooded tend to be more emotional than others, prone to fits of anger and joy, swinging capriciously at any given moment. In addition to the emotional manifestations of the bloodline, those with in-born magical aptitude find themselves more attuned to the natural world and see such an influence over their magic.   A fey-blooded sorcerer is capable of touching a creature and causing it to burst into spontaneous laughter. They are capable of moving through undergrowth of any sort without impediment or impairment, unless they have been magically manipulated to do so. As their magical potency grows, they become capable of vanishing from sight for a time, and find their magic more capable of affecting even those who are resistant to magic. Eventually, given enough accumulation of power, they merge their soul with the world of the fey, becoming immune to poison and resistant to damage by physical weapons, save those made from cold iron. They do not find animals to be aggressive to them unless compelled to do so, and can step through shadows to travel.


As a genetic condition, there is no treatment or cure for being fey-blooded. Even those who have returned from the dead find the condition persists; it is worth noting that this persists through reincarnation as well.

Cultural Reception

The fey-blooded tend to be shunned by most societies once their condition becomes apparent. Prior to that, they are often viewed as 'odd' or 'touched in the head' by their peers and neighbors.   The exceptions to this are the Nuaira and Djenati, both species with a connection to the fey realms. Among these people, fey-blooded find a rare welcome (and, in fact, tend to be more common).
Chronic, Congenital

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