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Casalia (KAH-sah-lee-ah)

Casalia is a small village located in the Bromaldia region, in a hilly area isolated from the rest of the world by dense forests. The only way to reach this village is by a thin tongue of country road that starts at a crossroads on the main road leading to the town of Sebana. Its isolated location hidden among the hills and forests makes it daunting to reach. A small wall of boulders and wooden palisades marks Casalia's boundaries and protects the village from the creatures that haunt the surrounding woods. The gateway to the village is made of heavy wooden planks, which should have long since been replaced and the hinges adjusted. In the center of the gate is painted the Von Stompfen coat of arms: an eagle with outstretched talons and open wings, but the sloppy painting makes the bird look like it is in terrible agony. Inside the walls is a small wooden guardhouse,intended to house the night watchman who is in charge of guarding the entrance to the village.   The houses of the inhabitants of Casalia are arranged along the country road leading to the village, in rows next to each other. About halfway down, the road widens into a large square that serves as a meeting and gathering place for the community. A tree-lined avenue starts from this square and leads to the barracks, where the village guards reside, and to the temple, which is located on the top of the highest hill in the village. The temple is an important place of worship for the people of Casalia, and its lookout offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside   The village of Casalia ends to the south with the Last Sun Inn, an establishment run by Pietros Cannavaccio, who is famous for its impeccable cleanliness and orderliness. The inn is a two-story building with a stone facade and a red tile roof. On the first floor is a large common room, where guests can sit at the table and enjoy dishes prepared by the chef, while on the second floor are the bedrooms, which are clean and comfortable. The Last Sun Inn is an oasis of cleanliness and comfort in contrast to the rest of the village, which has a rather decadent and neglected appearance. Despite this, the inn is popular with visitors to Casalia, who come there to taste the delicious dishes and spend a comfortable night's rest.

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