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The Gates

The Gates dot the land and are connected to Castle Wayward. They are one way trips, by taking the one in the castle, you will appear in one of the other exit gates in the land. They can only be opened by the Sage with the Prince's help.   There are two main types of gates: hubs and connectors. Hubs are only located within Castle Wayward and connected to only one era. A single hub is connected to many connections. The connectors are lesser gates that connect directly to their associated hub, so when the hub is activated a random one is chosen.

Purpose / Function

Their original purpose has been lost to time withmany completely inactive, but now they as links to the lands beyond Castle Wayward.


Each gate is completely different from each other. The gates are constructed with their own design and shape, however there are a few similarities to each. By examining these similarities, one can determine the distance a Wayfinder has traveled and what era they are in. Since the land can change and alter itself into different time periods, you can enter an era unfit for them and these similarities could save their life.  

Gate Types


Fantasy Setting  


Modern Setting  


Dystopian Setting


Ancient Setting  


Science Fiction Setting  


Utopian Setting

The Gates
by Eofa
Architectural Element, Entrance / Entryway

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