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Chronicles of Doraclion and Faraway Lands As told by the notorious traveler and storyteller Johann the Wanderer.

The Golden Ages of the 3rd Era

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“…so you have opened the first pages of my book, desiring to know more about the amazing and seemingly endless lands of the world in which we were so lucky to be born? Perhaps you, just like me when I was young and eager, wish to pack your bag and go exploring, but your duties, finances or health prevent you from doing so? Well, allow me then tell you all and everything I have learned about the wondrous lands of Doraclion on my life-long journey, which took me from the freezing wastes of Alabaster Fjords to scorching sands of Yukavia and misty forests of Myrthandralis! Fifty years of my life I have spent on a horse, a boat, a caravan’s wagon, always moving, always searching! Now, when my old bones call for rest and my hands itch to share all that I have seen, heard and experienced, I write to you, dear reader, in hopes that my stories will inspire you to travel someday, even if just as far as the borders of your crop fields! Just remember this: the door is always open. All you have to do is knock.
- from the Great Traveler’s Guide by Johann the Wanderer