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Chronicles of Angkoroth

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I saw the very fabric of reality contort and warp itself, by what must have been it's own will, until a new world ballooned out of Toril! Time, space, the Weave, all of it; spontaneously and purposefully acting to pinch off a new reality!
— Mordenkainen


Birthed from Toril (the world of The Forgotten Realms setting), Angkoroth is a more technologically advanced and cosmologically simplified version of its parent. Though much of Toril's history, continents, and empires are gone, Angkoroths resemblance to Toril is evident in its gods and overall structure of its cosmos with a couple notable differences.  

The Outer Planes

  What was 16 planes for Toril has been condensed into X planes for Angkoroth. These planes are still arranged in their familiar cosmological wheel. MORE ON THE OUTER PLANES HERE  

The Inner Planes

The second most notable difference is the arrangement of the inner planes, or more specifically the elemental planes. For Angkoroth, these planes form a tetrahedron such that any particular element is in contact with the other three at all times. In this way the border regions of Steam (fire and water) and Dust (air and earth) can exist with much grater stability and prominence than before.

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