Valkyrian Order

Valkyries are an ancient order of female warriors dedicated to the protection of the Homefront while their male counterparts are away, though some do accompany the men on the frontlines. They are devoted followers of Ilena. They are sometimes called the Shield-Maidens of the Desert. Valkyries receive special training in the Way of the Sword. Under common Nomadic law, Valkyries can only be women, but there are male instructors and Sword Masters.   COMMON DRESS CODE: When in a temple, shrine, private residence, or performing daily activities, Valkyries must wear a simple white robe/dress and sandals. In battle, Valkyries are generally described by their silver and white leather armor with a steel breastplate that is custom made especially for them. Valkyrie armor generally consists of a sleeveless leather shirt that covers the chest and neck (dyed white), a steel plate breast piece (covering the chest area only, colored silver), a short-loose leather skirt with steel plates on the hips, and knee-high steel boots.  


Valkyries treat one another as equals, led only by a Captain, or ‘Arch Angel’ as locals call them, the most experienced and hardened of their group. They are trained to fight side by side with one another, and so uphold the peace and order of the people.


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Public Agenda

The Valkyries try to take in as many female warriors as possible, though they are few. Their primary purpose is to serve as an elite last line of defense in the desert. As well as acting as custodians for each City-State of the Desert and temple maids.


The Valkyries are a small group and so their greatest advantage comes in their discretion and ability to move without attracting attention. They are also proficient in most forms of combat and with every weapon available to the Samurai.


The Valkyrian Order was founded by the first women to successfully master the Way of the Sword. It is written in the great Halls that these women, after gaining mastery, went out to protect the people in times of war when the Samurai were away.   According to historic texts from the early mid-Second Age, the first Valkyries were merely simple housewives and noble ladies that banded together to protect their homes and families when their male counterparts were off at war. The name ‘Valkyrie’ that they started to call themselves originated from the ancient myths of angels of the afterlife that fairy warriors who died heroic deaths to their eternal spirit home.   The original Valkyries counted to about fifteen women. Over the years, their numbers have grown to about half that of the Samurai Guard. Two hundred years after their founding, the Valkyries took the goddess of maidens and honor, Ilena as their patron deity.


Valkyries are a small Order and only assume about 6% of any Nomadic militia.   [add more]


Valkyries practice a special form of the ‘Way of the Sword’ unique to their specific duties and gender. Their chief patron goddess is Ilena. During training, Valkyries become deeply religious towards Ilena, wanting to please her in every aspect of their lives.

Foreign Relations

Being the Desert’s first and last line of defense in the absents of the Samurai, Valkyries generally don’t travel to other nations. So Valkyries only contact with foreigners is through the merchants that come on a routine basis and those who come to desert visiting a friend.


Valkyries are often taken when they are still young girls, about 7 or 8 years old. Through continuous meditation and training, which can usually last for years, Valkyries are taught unique combat tactics in a special form of the Way of the Sword. Upon their twenty-first birthday, and after completion of their training, the girls are given a choice to either return to their normal lives or to continue as Valkyries. If they choose the life of a Valkyrie, then they must take an oath to always serve and protect the people, they must forfeit any and all rights of inheritance including titles, lands, or monetary wealth. Once the ceremony of their joining is complete, they will receive their custom armor, sword, and a young white stallion of their choosing.   Currently, there are seventeen girls training to be Valkyries:   1. Nishina Shimo (age 15)   2. Arai Kin (age 17)   3. Kimura Oshi (age 15)   4. Ingegärd Thorgeirdottir (age 18)   5. Þuriðr Vigotdottir (age 11)   6. Thyre Steinmodottir (age 15)   7. Myrrh Kouri (age 18)   8. Sarah Samaha (age 18)   9. Aaliyah Antar (age 14)   10. Alia Mubarak (age 12)   11. Akemi Uchima (age 15)   12. Atagi Fuku (age 10)   13. Akita Kachi (age 9)   14. Ashina Kameme (age 16)   15. Aya Bin (age 11)   16. Nija Kaku (age 19)   17. Hilda Iridottir (age 13)


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Tenets of Faith

1. Your bond is your Word! (Don't Break it!)   2. Don't Give in to Dark Desires   3. Never Get Personally Involved with Anyone.   4. Honor the People and Fellow Sisters   5. Always Maintain a Clean Lifestyle.

Political Influence & Intrigue

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We are the Shield of the People

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