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The Moonspire is a spiked formation of natural moonglass found near the northern edge of the Bleached Lands, south of the Zhilé country borders. Its form has puzzles viewers since the discovery of moonglass refinement, as upward-pointing sheets run counter to the general fluid downflow of the glass.   The other main characteristic of the Moonspire is the flowing patterns that constantly move on its surface, as though some warm entity is held within the glass and eager to escape. The formation itself is approximately 1.5 km long, 0.6 km wide at its centre, and 1.2 km high and vaguely ovoid in its footprint with a sharp, jagged ridge at its top. The glass itself is a deep blackish-blue to the eye, but the patterns range anywhere from a deep blood red to an almost painful dark violet.   No one truly knows if there is something actually contained within the formation, but the Zhilé military has a heavily-manned outpost nearby in case there is. This outpost has grown into a small township that caters to those visiting the Moonspire, mostly religious scholars and philosophers. Due to the fearsome visual nature of the moonstone, those Zhilé whose occupations do not directly relate to the mystery of the Moonspire or the running of the outpost tend to avoid the region at all costs. Stories from the region tend to grow more frightening the further from the outpost they travel, even if carried by the same teller the entire way.   In recent years, the Knights of the Sun have claimed the region for their religious contemplation and the "protection" of the Zhilé. As the Bleached Lands are uncontested and unclaimed, this effectively expanded the Zhilé borders south, but without official backing by the crown. Because of this, all costs for the creation and maintenance of structures and camps near the Moonspire must be produced by the Knights, as the Crown will not contribute funding.
Alternative Names
The Dark Veil
Geographic Feature
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