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A world of adventure and magic. With countless characters to meet and tons of places to explore Chriathium is for all who love fantasy and a good story. Learn the secrets and discover the rich history of this magic land.   Before time and space existed, there were the Ascended. The Ascended were supreme beings of immense power and intelligence. Masters of magic and technology they trapped the eternal chaos in the Aeternum Vorago. The only way to enter the Aeternum Vorago was with another relic from the time of the Ascended, the Starfall blade. The blade was the only way to harm an Ascended or chaos and only a mortal could use it. Only with that powerful relic can you penetrate the infinite darkness and venture forward. The darkness is so thick that it acts as solid object that you can’t walk through without the blade. After banishing the chaos, with the help of a mortal of pure heart who wielded the blade, the Ascended created the universe as we know it. For many ages they interacted with the races of Chriathium openly helping civilizations thrive. But then one fool of an elf named Korostram changed everything. He stole the Starfall blade and unleased the chaos upon the world. He harnessed the power of the chaos and fussed it with himself using dark magic, making himself and the chaos stronger. But after fusing with the chaos he could not use the Starfall blade. Just by holding it he was greatly weakened so he hid the blade in the Realm of the Devourer of Souls where it is guarded by an ancient evil. Even in his weakened state it took all of the Ascended’s power and the help of a mortal descended from the hero who first wielded the Starfall blade, to contain him and the empowered chaos, to the Aeternum Vorago. Ever since he ruined the balance the world has been suffering the effects. Orcs, Grynix, Corruption and even more horrible creatures have been roaming freely upon the world causing the world created by the Ascended to crumble. The Ascended, who were weakened, were forced to recede from the world to restore their power so when the time came, they could aid the hero of legend once more. After many ages these tales have faded to but a myth and few know that they are true.   This is a dark time for Chriathium and the evil is growing in power. The despicable moon elf, Dilnidh Korostram has escaped the Aeturnum Vorago and is growing in power. With his growing army, the Chaos is returning to this perfect land and soon all things good in the world will be destroyed. Can you discover the secrets, form the alliances and discover the magic to stop him?