Vittas Speculum

A legendary artifact from the Lumiere World tied to the Goddess of Truth, the Silver Lady. The Vittas Speculum is also credited as the major influence to the mundane world's myth of the Silver Lake.   The creation of this artifact is describe in the mythological events of the Titan Wars, more specifically as the result of an attempt at capturing the Silver Lady as a hostage to use against the Dark Lord. There the artifact is describe as "physical manifestation of Divine Truth", as they failed to capture the Silver Lady and instead captured her divine essence.   Along all of Lumiere History, this object has been the target of many extraplanar plots to weaken the True Gods, as well as inspiration of fictional tales in the Reflection and Lumiere World alike.  


This divine relic has many features of power, including the possibility to gift immortality and divine powers to people. It is the manifestation of the Silver Lady's power.   Perhaps, the most known power of the Vittas Speculum is the ability to reveal the true fate and intention of an individual. No illusion can stand the reflection of even a piece of the Vittas Speculum, and divination users consider any piece of this artifact to be the most powerful catalyzer for divination magic.  


Smaller concentration of the Goddess essence, these pieces of reflective material hold strong divine power. They are religious relics held by the Followers of Silver Lady and it is believed that some shards are parts of the original Vittas Speculum or otherwise concentrated divine energy.   Even so, not only the Followers of the Silver Lady, but the Dark Lord's Shadow Daughters also take great matter with the Shards, in fact their encounters with supposed holders of such shards is an accepted narrative. The veracity, aftermath or motivation behind these alleged events is as mysterious as every single aspect of the Shadow Daughter.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Holy Relic


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