Villalobos' Manor

Initially built by Bartholomeus Villalobos in the 18th century, after moving from Navarro. The manor sits on top of a cliff by the mainland, in a plot of land Bartholomeus acquired with money from his well to-do family back home. The pilgrim was only 23 years old when he started build the place, finishing the initial construction six years later.


Having left home at the age of 17, with his part of the inheritance to settle in the New Lands, Bartholomeus took nearly a whole year to arrive at the Fortress of St. Peter, where he started apprenticeship with a local clock smith while working as a tutor to a friend's child. Years later, after he left St. Peter, he sent letters to his family in order to acquire sponsorship to build his house on another city, in exchange for accepting a marriage proposal from a business partner of his brother.   When his fiancée, Estefania de Peçonha, arrived at the Rock Fortress the work had already started and the project was only a small - by the era's standard - house, however, as a lady of some class Estefania had opinions that resulted in an alteration of the original plan, such as the addition of a greenhouse, a open field for horse-riding, a stable and four distinct rooms which resulted in a new floor being added to the construction plans.   After the work was done, the couple married in the estate's yard in a lovely ceremony attended by family friends, Hugo D'Ávilla and Liam Carlson were some of those attendee. Months later, some of those attendee and other business met to sign the Letter of Intention where these individuals stablished the local People Representative, a group of - mostly - non-magical humans to represent the interest of non-Lumiere citizens and organizations to the Lumiere World.  
Portuguese Name
Mansão Villalobos


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