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A blood related condition, that can lead to frenzied behavior and physical alterations, vampirism is transmissible and genetic. As a magical disease, it can also be considered a curse, which is mostly because its behavior cannot be completely explained by non-magical science.   Individuals with vampirism are considered, independant of origin, to be a Lumiere species, given the genetical modifications that the condition can result in.


Many researchers actribute Vampirism to a bat-like creature from Ancient Times. Allegedly, one of these creatures colonies had a mutated strand of magical rabies that upon transmission to an adult humanoid resulted in a letal fever, followed by inanimation and eventually ressuscitation. After ressurected, the First Vampire became frenzied, killing its whole village.

The First Vampire

The First Vampire, or First Child, has become a legend and myth to the vampiric community. Connection to the bloodline of the First Vampire is considered to be a high honor, to orthodox vampires.


Because of the process that properly turn a vampire, the host's soul is scarred and they are considered undead. Even if some mantain bodily functions, act or otherwise vastly differ from typical non-living creatures, the process of turning still includes death itself, which means their souls make the travel to the afterlife before returning, scarring it forever.   As undeads, they are susceptible to divine power same as zombies, skeletons, ghouls and wraiths.


Because of their undead nature, many consider vampires - those infected with Vampirism - to be monsters. The popular notion that upon turning, vampires become uncontrolable blood hungry beasts has fed that notion even when most well known vampires are actually charming masterminds with perfect control.   Some say the monstrousity of their existences lie in the unusual anemia and genetical alteration of their digestive system that allows the body to replenish red blood cells through ingestion.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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