St. Umberta's Hospital

Currently the biggest public hospital in Rock Fortress, St. Umberta's has employees of mundane and fantastical background alike. Elfs, orcs, wizards and cursed ones mix with Reflections in their roles of caregivers for all, even if they are the ones that care for most of the fantastical patients.

Purpose / Function

As a public hospital, St. Umberta provides the best cheapest care to all sorts of people. With a notorious emergency and trauma department, it's often where even the richest go to stabilize and care from lethal injuries. Besides the trauma department, cardio and neuro specialists on the hospital are renowned nationwide - but the surgical department of those specialties are considered lacking in comparison.  

Lumiere World

For fantastical residents of Rock Fortress, St. Umberta is not only the biggest public hospital but the best option for magical injuries or patients. The best place to receive legitimate professional care, even if orthodox individuals prefer the care of magical professionals from their communities and more shady individuals prefer to receive treatment 'under the table' as to avoid crossing authorities of all kinds.


The last large reform was a conjunct action of city and state government, in 1962, in a large work to fix irregularities from earlier reforms, such as changing plumbing and electrical system, window and roof protections, material of ceiling and opening of widows for better lighting. The reform was stopped two times since - in 1967, returning in 1975, stopping in 1983 and returning in 2002 - finishing officially in '04, two and a half years ago.


First funded as a place for palliative care for infected with Horse Flu in 1820, the original building was nothing much more than a warehouse. During which time one of the doctors there, M.D. Jorge Flávio Saldoso, took to implementing - at the time - revolutionary care standards and hygienic practices not common to public hospitals. As the patients sent there to die started to improve government was quick to start the campaign to make the place a proper hospital, having Saldoso as the first director of St. Umberta.   For a long period of time, however, the public hospital remained a place for palliative and basic care with a neighbor asylum for psych patients. After twenty years, with the epidemic of Horse Flu gone and the most recent health crisis averted, Saldoso started to search for financial support from government and universities, making St. Umberta a important center for nurse education, and years after Saldoso left the hospital, a institution of learning for doctors as well.   In 1936, many of the doctors were deployed for the Second War when the president thought fit to sent public doctors instead of doctors of private care. The following decades saw a decay in member of staff, with only minimal decrease of quality of care as staff and public worked together in innovative ways to guarantee best possible care.
Portuguese Name
Hospital Santa Umberta
Founding Date
Hospital Director
Vitor Bulhas, PhD
Notorious Members of Staff
  • Arnaldo Yung, emergency surgeon
  • Fabrícia Guerrero, emergency doctor
  • Marco Roberto Torres, emergency doctor
  • Sérgio Cícero, emergency nurse


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