Silver Lake

Since times past, the legend of a clear silver lake has inspired many artists. With a surface so clear it shines, folklore has that when looking at it one person will see their greatest love; past, present or future. Young romantics dream of finding the lake and seeing the love of their life, but cynics warn of the dangers of reflecting your greatest love in the presence of another. Of course, the lake is only a myth.

In Literature

Novelist Vinicius Costa notoriously wrote about the tales of an explorer in search of riches in the New Lands in a sort of alternative history with magic. In there, the protagonist, a cynic by nature and nurture, overcomes many challenges and as they defeat the greatest enemy a shadow like form come to them and with an understanding but pitying voice proposes they look into his True Heart, and he looks into a shinning reflection and see themselves. It is a scene that has split many readers, as they wished the main character should have seen one or another of their travel companions, however the writer stated in interview that while the love for their companions was real, the greatest true love that the main character would be adventure which cannot be reflected so easily, but he had attempted to show that in the description of the reflection itself.

In Art

No small amount of painters from Renaissance and Modern Era¬†have painted scenes of people finding this a clear lake or pond. Genoveva di Fischetti,¬†notorious 15th century artist, did a painting of a group of templars finding an oasis with this prophecy lake; art historians have analyzed the painting from multiple angles developing long essays about the color choices and the expressions of each of the eight templars and many other details.   Hicarius Archon was another 17th century painter that portraited the scene. His work, much darker by the time, pictured a man killing another by the shore of the lake while the reflected scene saw a silver shaped figure stabbing a woman. This work is one that cynics point as proof of concept that if the lake is real one must never see to it in the presence of another, as the horrified stare of the victim into the reflection of his attacker indicates that his greatest was one that needed to be protected with death.
Portuguese Name
Lago Platina


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