The Renoir Construction and Architecture Offices (RCAO) is a group of construction and architecture offices that work in the region of Rock Fortress. It was originally called Renoir-Domingues Architecture Firm, and founded by Henrique Renoir and Lauro Domingues, however, years later a fall out between the Henrique and Lauro's sons would resulted in Henrique buying off business partner's shares and rebranding it the Renoir Construction and Architecture Offices.   A big name in not only Rock Fortress, the Renoir Offices have many contracts with the government. Be it city, estate or federal government, in the Southeast of Plucora the Renoir Offices are considered a great business, employing over a hundred architects, designers, landscapers and civil engineers, and over two thousand construction workers.


As established architect and engineer, Henrique and Lauro had worked in several projects together and in 1972 left their respective companies to make their own office. For a few years after that their profit was marginal and their client's list short, but a government contract in 1982 set the tone for their future endeavors.   A few years later, in 1984, Lauro passed away, resulting in his shares going to his two sons that could not agree with Henrique or between themselves. By 1985, Henrique bought off their shares and rebranded the original company to be RCAO, that same year his daughter joined the company as a junior architect after leaving her previous job.   Recently married, Francisca Renoir, quickly rose in the workplace and despite the nepotism rumors. Many that were close to her father were much aware that he, in fact, did not like the idea of leaving the company to her and would much prefer to leave it to his nephew, Tadeu Renoir. However, as he sold part of his shares to a fund, the naming of his successor was out of his hand, and that was why Francisca Renoir, became CEO of the company in 1997.YES
Portuguese Name
Renoir Escritório de Construção Civil e Arquitetura (RECCA)
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Renoir Offices


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