Usually lighthouse keepers in the Reflection World, their job is mostly unknown of. Tied to ancient practices of pre-Historic civilizations, Rainwatchers are believed to be weather tellers, capable of predicting rain or sunny times, however that is a very wrong misconception and one of the main reasons their job is an undervalued one. Rainwatchers, are in fact, trained to be great diviners.   Rainwatchers are capable of most divinations, including the observance of time - peeking into future, past and present -, observance of magic - fiding out if something is magical and in what sense - and observance of space - maybe the most important of divinations, that allows Rainwatchers to know if the fabrics of reality and extradimensional shields have been ripped to allow passage for demons, devils, celestials and other extraplanar beings.



As powerful divinators, specially in the capabilities of watching the fabrics that separate planes and universes, Rainwatchers are protectors of the reality as we know it. They are the ones to report possible invasions and gathering support from the Lumiere governments to fight off those invasions.

Social Status

Despite their vital work in mainteanance of peace and prosperity, Rainwatchers are not high regarded in Lumiere society, specially by younger people or individuals with extraplanar heritage, as they believed the profession to be inheritably one of discrimination to their ancestors.


In 1571, a Northern-European Rainwatcher warned her country and the government of a rift between the Material Plane and the Otherworld, a plane of nightmares that would later have great influence in terror victorian literature. The Rainwatcher, Zora Lathel, a Suli divinator of great power, informed the local Strange of the possible invasion and the following investigation uncovered - even if late - the existance of a powerful cult that actually managed to open a rift between the worlds causing the subsequent Drowing of Durcha.



Rainwatchers possess varying tools, according to the main culture that surrounds them or their own preferred methods of scrying and divination, but the most common is the use of glasses and lanterns.   Notoriously, one of the 19th century Rainwatcher for Rock Fortress, used a lantern in a stick that would illuminate rifts in the Material Plane.


Most Rainwatchers live and/or work in tall buildings. Supposedly being between the skies and earth would allow them to remain in a sort of limbo and less attached to either, allowing less interferance in their divinations.

Provided Services

While rainwatching is, in most cases, a public service, there has been cases that retired rainwatchers are hired by rich individuals as security analysts to guarantee that one place or another is safe from extraplanar interferance, attacks or otherwise rifts. Some Rainwatchers also provide their divinations to watch past or future events if the situation demands, however Mystics and Prophets are known to provied a better quality of service in that matter.

Dangers & Hazards

Considered one of the main sources of defense against extraplanar and extradimensional attacks, Rainwatchers are often targetted when an attack or otherwise non authorized extraplanar crimes are being planned, as to decrease the chances of the perpetrator being caught.
Portuguese Name
Alternative Names
Plane Protectors
Public Services
High demand


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