Quintessential Genies

In the biggest known city of the Elemental Planes, known as a settlement where all elementals band and live together, the culture of Quintessential Genies has risen to notoriety. With a history as old as human civilization, the Quintessence is the playground where the once very distinct and antagonist genies united in a single culture of patriotism, magic and mercantilism.   Descendant of rich and diverse genies that banded together like their ancestry cultures never would, amplifying each other's magical capabilities instead of using it to battle one another, the quintessential genies have gathered notoriety as a source of magical items and services.   Located in the center of the Elemental Planes, the Quintessence is sieged by chaotic elemental energy and physically cut off from the rest of its universe. Still reachable via teleportation and other magical means of crossing space and dimension, the Quintessential Genies have greater access to the Material Plane than the other civilizations in the Elemental Plane.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Most families still carry the names of their ancestors, however the mixing of different genie heritages among themselves and with extraplanar heritages, such as merfolk, humans and dwarves - more commonly. It is common to pass all family names to the primary heir of the family, even if they will most likely be addressed only be the name of the House.

Other names

The House name, which is most times more important than the proper Family Name, is not actually tied to bloodline, but to the allegiance of an individual and their heritage. Given the mixture of bloodline and the many family names a single person can carry, it is their House name that denotes alliance and power much more than their own bloodline.
Portuguese Name
Gênios da Quintessência
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