Surrounded by wild elemental energy, the center of the Elemental Plane was allegedly so dangerous that no living or dead thing could survive the surges of chaotic energy. A dense materialization of energy, fire, air, water and earth mix and move around this region as if a living manifestation of the energy from which the elements first came to be.   Visible from as far as the capital cities of the Elemental Kingdoms, a region so magically inclined that it is noticeable from extraplanar observance, the Quintessence is considered a scar in the fabrics of magic and reality. Untamed and mysterious, too powerful to ever be understood.   The energy of the Quintessence is said to birth the most powerful manifestations of elements, more precisely Cataclysmic Elementals, such as Glacieras - the ice elemental responsible for two distinct Ice Ages in the Material Plane - and Hadean - a fire elemental whose demise resulted in a explosion strong enough to, allegedly, wipe a whole planet.


This land is so chaotic that any attempts to register its geographic features have been for naught. Where it could be a mountain peak in a moment it, can in a day or a millennia, suddenly turn into a deep crater or a floating island. The change is frequently unexpected and dangerous, as it can cause earthquakes on the surrounding lands. Surprisingly, in the small region known as the Eye of the Quintessence, lies the Miracle City of Quintessence home of the Quintessential Genies, unaffected by the unique wheatear.   There, at the heart of this chaotic energy bundle, the place looks as if an oasis, protected by a tall dome of wind and with a fresh lake that never dries in a small elevation closer to the edges of the Eye. Scholars debate that by reason of the fire energy in the Quintessence, the Eye also contains deep deposites of sulfate that resulted in natural thermals baths in the City of Quintessence.
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Root of Chaos Elemental
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