Prophecy of Shadowblood

This Lumiere prophecy exists since the early days of the First Mortals before the Light Sire had stablished his ruling over the deities. During the Era of Demigods, the demigod Warhog journeyed to the peaks of the Relta Mountains in search of a revelation of his future after the departing of his partner Larticius and met the Nandas, powerful foretellers. Upon meeting the oracles, the Warhogs asked when he would meet his partner once more and the cryptic response of the oracles have since been known as the Prophecy of the Shadow Blood.
  From what is known of the prophecy, the Nandas told of a time to come in the future, when the one that carries the blood of shadows would "make one of all gods alive and dead" through unmeasurable powers.

Literature & Fiction

While the prophecy has not been disclosed word for word to mortals, the gods have knowledge of it - supposedly integral knowledge of it - and playwrights from Ancient Era have been able to accurately dramatize the events following the prophetization, specially Warhog's initial reaction to the Dark Lord as he rose from the Shadow Plane.
  The tales narrate the events that followed, from the Warhog's mistrust and the Dark Lord's quests to receive approval from the True Gods to the rescue of the Silvar Lady disprove the notion that the Dark Lord is an agent of destruction that will "make one of all gods".

In Literature

Most recordings of the prophecy is ancient and found in literature, which is true about all knowledge from ancient times. The particular known works of Eldious speak at length about the Dark Lord, and by proxy, about the prophecy or at least the writer's interpretation of it. In one of his later works, Eldious speaks of the First Daughters as the true heirs of the prophecy, as an elite group of soldiers and assassins capable of ending the True Gods and sending the living gods to the Death.
Portuguese Name
Profecia do Sangue das Sombras


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