Long Day

During the longest day of the year, it is said the Light Sire shines strongest through Sol and floods the Material Plane with divine power, as a means to rejoice in the gifted energy the Lumiere started the Long Day Celebration.   Non-magical science rationalize this event, which happens during the Summer Solstice, as simply a culmination of the movements of celestial bodies. Still, as heritage to the time where Lumiere and Reflected World were united as one, non-magical civilizations still celebrate the Long Day.   Despite being clearly related to a Material Plane celestial events, Long Day is celebrated in almost all Lumiere civilizations that worship the True Gods, as it is a demonstration of the Light Sire's - the head of the True Gods - power.  

On other planes

Having two distinct dates in the Material Planes alone, one would argue it is hard to find a date to partake in this celebration in other planes, specially as it is an event surrounding the Sol, a celestial body of the Material Plane and also associated with the longest day in one planet of the Material Plane. However, by using other standards, and through religious studies, followers of the Light Sire have found dates that better suit their respective extraplanar needs.   One such case, is the Quintessential Genies, that have a very unique weather and no celestial bodies to observe, who have instead tied the Long Day with the Day of Hatching, when the city is at its hottest thanks to the hatching of the Great Phoenix.
Portuguese Name
Longo Dia
Observance Date
23rd March (north hemisphere) | 22nd December (south hemisphere)


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