Letter of Intention

Originally written and signed in the Villalobos' Manor, the Letter of Intention was idealized by a group of remarkable individuals such as Bartholomeus Villalobos and Hugo D'Avila. The document counts with the signature of eleven family heads, including Batholomeus and Hugo, Liam Carlson, Fernando Lopes and Roberto Martelli. Besides the signers, others were also present for the event, including artists Sabina Bachtel and Nico Cahill, family friend Reginald Gale, and many more.   The document is preserved in the City Museum of Rock Fortress, given it's historical importance in the future creation of Rock Fortress government. Written as a statement to future generations as well as the general public, the letter establishes the desire of these eleven individuals to improve their community and be a voice to the people of the region, among other things.   It has since been motivation and justification for many decisions from descendants of the signee, such as Caio Orlando. Octavio's great-grandson and general used the words in the document in his speech at one of his ministral speech's, in 1852, as he addressed families of Golden Lake following the events of the Red Cornfields. He used quotes from the document to speak of equality of rights and opportunity and the whole of the people in assisting to maintain the system fair.  

Lumiere World

Among the people present in the signing, more than a few were actually non-humans: Reginald Gale, child of Captain Andrea Gale , was a water geniekin and sorcerer, Sabina Bechtel had been a magic-user with ties to the New Lands and many others were present. Including elf, leshy and dwarf delegates, the presence of powerful Lumiere citizens is attributed to the true aim of the document and the event: To establish the Advocates of Rock Fortress, which is an important step into political independency in the Lumiere World.
Portuguese Name
Carta de Intenção
  • Agenor al-Shaheen
  • Bartholomeus Villalobos
  • Dayo Abara
  • Ernesto Pereira
  • Fernando Lopes
  • Hugo D'Ávilla
  • Liam Carlson
  • Marcela Vargas
  • Octavio Orlando
  • Roberto Martelli
  • Tyrius Jackson
  • Notorious Event Attendees
    Nico Cahill, Reginald Gale, Sabina Bechtel
    Text, Letter
    Ratification Date
    17th of April 1731
    See Also
  • Carlos Mancha Villalobos
  • High Advocate

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