First Daughters

Notoriously secretive, with little records or public knowledge of their existence, the First Daughters are perhaps the biggest mystery in Lumiere religion. These entities - with unknown gender, origin, physical or mental traits - served the True Gods during the Titan Wars and shortly after, by standards of the gods, disappeared.   While the reasoning for the creation of the First Daughters has never been properly disclosed, given the timing and actions later credited to the group, it is agreed that the Shadows were made to serve as an elite squad of loyal and capable warriors to accompany and serve the Dark Lord.  
Having served the Dark Lord, their supposed creator, with such honor and loyalty as well as superb skill, the First Daughters' legacy remains as the paragons of discipline and exemplary servitude to the gods. This legacy has been further strengthened by the creation of the Shadow Daughters, an organization of faithful devotes of the Dark Lord that took the First Daughters name as a statement of their intentions and loyalties.


Of origins uncertain, the First Daughters are believed to have come from the Shadow Plane much as the deity they serve by wish of the deity themselves. Formed in the pits of the Shadow Plane, legends tell of The Seven, shadow shaped creatures that followed the Dark Lord out of the Shadow Plane during the Titan Wars, when he went to rescue the Silver Lady from captivity.   History has not recorded the name of any of the seven figures, however the Dark Lord calls them daughters and as such the title has stuck when describing each of them, origin the group's name itself. In certain records there has been an attempt to separate each individual by using numbers, however as the criteria for separation was never too clear, it didn't held.   During the rescue of Silver Lady, it is said that even a single Shadow could fight toe-to-toe with a demigod and using incredible teamwork they could even stave off a Titan long enough for the Dark Lord to retrieve his lover and the Vittas Speculum.   Later accounts have stated the presence of the Shadows in the following battles of the Titan Wars and their abilities and importance in the Army of Light. One of the epics written about those times tell the story of the Warhog - god of war and destruction - taking a liking to the group, and following the end of the wars, attempting to enroll them as elite soldiers for his armies, only to be denied vehemently. Cautionary tales say that by denying such a powerful god the First Daughters were destroyed, no actual proof has been presented as confirmation or negation of such claims.   Many millennia later, as records of the First Daughters were scarce a new group of devout followers of the Dark Lord came to be known and while some believe that those are the same creatures to have followed the deity in battle against the titans, given the lack of evidence it is rather accepted that these new Shadow Daughters have actually taken inspiration of the original ones and are not, in fact, them.


If either by having accomplished their goals, by the whims of the Warhog upon having been denied service from such great warriors, or whatever other reason, the group remained silent for so long that all believed them gone and dead, disbanded; the raise of a group using similar name with the same affiliation has given suspicion about the actual disbandment of the organization as a whole.
Portuguese Name
Primeiras Filhas Sombrias
Dissolution Date
Allegedly sometime around 2500 and 1000 BCE
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
First Shadows, Umbras
Successor Organization

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