Explorer Dog

Native to the New Lands, this canine species has become essential part of explorer's entourages. Trained by the native people of the New Lands, they were considered to be only partially domesticated as they would leave if overworked or mistreated, and in particular cases of abusive treatments were known to attack people indiscriminately.   Local legend says tell of a god so kind he had no enemies, he would help everyone he could even in detriment of himself, but never in detriment of others. Smart, patient and kind, he mediated many divine disputes, and soon Aranknook, the beast that feeds on dispute and the carcasses of others, took issue with it. In a plot with the other Beasts of Misery, Aranknook kidnapped the Kind God and hid him away. Desperate, the gods attacked Aranknook to the point the creature was but a stinky dark bird with a deformed neck and bold head, that is how vultures came to be, according to the tales.   After punishing Araknook, however, the gods had no other leads and came together to try and think of a way to find the Kind God. With much effort and many failed plans, it was the Hunter God that came with the idea of using an agile beast with great intelligence, sense of smell and resilience. This creature, molded out of sand by the War God and having life whispered by the Hunter God, was giving an old item of the Kind God and quickly guided the rescue party into dangerous canyons and caves tunnels for days and as animosity began to rise among the varied gods a familiar laughter echoed around them, and so as they looked around they found the creature they had made had jumped into a pool of water and found there the kidnapped god.   Explorer's from Old Lands found the creatures to be unusual and quickly indispensable in their search parties, even while aggressive. And because some weren't willing to listen to natives cautionary tales, there is no small amount of records of parties killed and maimed after mistreating their hounds.
Portuguese Name
Cão Explorador
Alternative Names (Portuguese)
Sabujo Explorador, Desbravador Quatro-Patas
Alternative Names
Explorer' Hound, Four-Legged Trailblazer
Scientific Name
Canis Rimor


Author's Notes

Special shoutout to NecromancerTris, for inspiring me into this idea after I had literally 30 days to think of something and turned emptyhanded.

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