A nasty place--for a mage. Life can go on without magic, but if you have already given a piece of yourself to the Dread Moon, then the fate that awaits you is one of withering death.
  Sumptuaries are inherently places of imbalance; the magic of the life around it has been drained--typically by a mage, a monster, or a magical beast--which causes the area around a Sumptuary to behave as follows:  
  1. A sumptuary drains the energy of mages. If a mage reaches zero energy within a sumptuary, the mage becomes a horrific creature who also feeds on magic.
  2. A sumptuary drains magic from surrounding areas and people until it rebalances. Upon rebalancing, all monsters created by its effect wither away, and the area no longer drains magic.
  3. A sumptuary can move and spread to surround areas of powerful magic.
Alternative Name(s)
Magehollow, Witherlands

Cover image: Welcome to Chimera by Invictia


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