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I started this project in December 2017, and has been redone in four (D&D supplement, D&D improvement, It's Own Thing, It's Own Thing version 2) major ways since then, or about nine total ways; what started as a mission to simplify D&D has become one of my longest passion projects, and I hope to complete this and either give or sell it to the public one day.   This is a tabletop role play game system designed from the ground up (when I realized what I liked about D&D). This system is build around character versatility (no classes!), mechanical simplicity (no rolling for damage?!), and varying character scenarios (including combat, travel, and social scenarios!). It only uses 10-sided die, but, admittedly, it uses a lot of them--so much for simplicity, huh~?   I hope you all can become as thrilled (and entangled--in a good way) in this system as I have. Please let me know how you feel about it, and how you might want to see it change in the future, and this is finally my official prototype, after 3 years of it being in "alpha".   (Whoo! Development Hell!)

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Excel Import Milestones:

(Started 12/31/19)  

A. Attributes ✓

1. Scores 2. Saves 3. Skills 4. Stats
(completed 12.31.19)  

B. Background ✓

1. Race 1a. Subraces 2. Origins 3. Traits
(completed 03.07.20)  

C. Abilities

1. All... 9+ categories of them?  

D. Encounter Types

1. Combat 2. Travel 3. Social  

E. Action Economy


F. Rolling and Types of Checks


G. Resting

1. Short Rest 2. Long Rest 3. Extended Rest  

H. Status Effects, Conditions, and Character Death


I. Equipment

1. Items 2. Armor 3. Weapons  

J. Lore

1. World Setting 2. Economy and Currency 3. Groups of People & Governance 4. Naming Conventions (yes) 5. Magic Systems 6. Pantheons 7. Bestiary