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The Zomorphs were the rulers of the surface before the human's rebirth. There is many different species of zomorphs, but humans see them all with fear and disgust. During the ancient wars most zomorphs were evicted from the Known Lands or just killed. Their kingdoms collapsed and they were forced to hide or banished.   The common trait that all zomorphs have is that they are humanoids, but have animal features. Some scholars say they were humans that never took refuge underground during the Rain of Fire, and mutated to adapt. The priests say they are descendants of humans that engaged in sinful activities with creatures, and have been punished by gods.   In any case there is a huge amount of zomorphs, most of them unknown to humans in the Known Lands, but the most commonly represented in ruins and mentioned in books are:   Felides(cat/lion/tiger men) Canides(dog/wolf/bear men) Avianides(bird men, vulture men, hawk men) Caprides(goat men) Primatides(gorilla men/ape men) Lizardes(lizard/snake men) Rodentides (Rat men) Minotaurs Centaurs

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Cover image: by Alejandro Rodriguez Ramiro


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