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The Empire

The Empire, also known as Mitra Empire is the most powerful nation of the Known Lands. It is an enormous religious, economic and military superpower that has so far no rival in the battlefield. The Empire has been ruled since its foundation by the same person, Mitra, the immortal empress.   It started as a small city state that grew to become the biggest city in the world, conquering all the nations around or submitting them as vassals. It is no secret that the Imperial City has enormously benefited from the Red Plague outbreak that destroyed most of humanity. The Empress arrived to these lands with a cure for the disease, and many had to chose between surrender to her or be terminated.   Little by little the empire spread its grip to most of the mainland. Most settlements that had managed to survive the plague, were however not able to expand outside their defensive locations or outside their walls. During these dark centuries, they were so isolated that for many, the arrival of Mitra's army was the first contact with other humans.   The Empire keeps spreading nowadays, and its becoming clearer and clearer for most free nations in the Known Lands that it will not stop until all the land belongs to Mitra. It is also becoming obvious that their previous tolerance to other cults is coming to an end, and religious prosecution start to take place withing its borders.   There are different regions within the empire, that have very clear geographical borders and very distinct cultures and religions. Even though Mitra keeps trying to wipe out other cultures, languages and religions to establish its own. Some areas are more loyal, others have rebels that start to organise themselves against the fear of The Empress.


The structure of Power varies on the territories, depending if they are fully annexed areas or client stares. In many cases the power has stayed like it was before the Empire, but their leader will deal directly with the Empress. For the rest, the same social structure develops in the empire. The Empress has all the power, but there is rich families that can attain a status similar to nobility. Each family that wants to enjoy privileges, so they pay tribute to Mitra each seven years. The higher the tribute, the highest the position one can hold.   The gilded: The upper class of the empire rents its privileges. They have access to the best jobs in the military, economic and religious sectors. They can commit crimes against lower classes without mayor repercussion. The jobs are all organised in a pyramid structure falling under the rule of a different ministerial organisation. The head of all organisations is the Empress. The military is ruled by the Hands of Mitra , the religion is ruled by the Eyes of Mitra, the economy is ruled by the The Vault Locks from their Headquarters in Fenvault. Other many minor organizations exist. Some of them independent, some depending of any of the previous.   Freemen: Freemen are a big part of the population. They may be rich, but not enough to buy the gilded status. They may be poor, like beggars. But they are all under the scrutiny of the Eyes and the Ears of Mitra . The life of most average freeman on the empire consist in surviving and not doing something that may call the attention of those organisations. Or cause the jealousy of a neighbour. In theory, a poor freeman from a poor family could become a rich person and buy the gilding, but in reality very few manage to improve their situation in their lifetime.   Slaves: A slave cannot be freed in the empire. Once a slave you will always be a slave. Slaves are heavily marked with tattoos. Most of slaves come from war prisoners, and a few come from the waves of newborns that have come from the underground in recent years. A person in debt can become a slave too. Slaves are treated horribly in the imperial society. Not just they lack freedom, but they tend to have a low lifespan due to this . The impossibility of getting freemanship once a slave, the huge numbers of underground refugees and the endless revolts and wars, makes them a easy to acquire commodity.

Demography and Population

It is very difficult to count the population that lives in such a large diverse territory, and so far nobody has tried to do a census. However er know that many imperial cities are over the 100.000 inhabitants, and the capital is over 500.000   Life expectancy is in general high for the gilded that can afford it or for the richest of freemen. The rich, could easily pass the 80 years old, and have an active life. It happens that some families spend most of their income in obtaining the gilding, having less access to medication and good sources of food and water. Their life expectancy is however still high, near the 60 years. Some of the freemen also reach this age.   Poorer freemen can expect to live until their late 40's.   In the other hand slaves life expectancy tend to be 25-35 years, depending if they are domestic slaves or work in the mines.   As usual throughout the known lands, children barely survive their first year of life. The average family does not have many children though, at most 3-4, being slaves very cheap many people use them as labour even in small farms.   The most common cause of death are intestinal problems, but also famine, dehydration or exhaustion (specially amongst slaves) The south has also outbreaks of Swamp Fever regularly, and can be quite devastating.   War or violent death are not uncommon causes of death.


  Mitra: The Region of Mitra is very small compared to the rest. It consist of the Island of Mitra, the bigger Redland Island, that supplies the megalopolis with grain, and the surrounding settlements along the banks of the river. This whole area is under direct control of the Empress and is the core of the Imperial culture and religion.   Crownsmouth: The massive delta of the Mitra river was the first region to be conquered. It consist of many swampy islands that are separated by the arms of the river. Most of this area was not affected by the blood walkers, but was heavily unorganised and mostly abandoned. It was easy for the empire to expand and colonise this area. The Crownsmouth is by far the most fertile region of the Known Lands. Canalisation, irrigation and other engineering works made this are one of the richest in the empire, and definitely helped to make Mitra grow and become the powerful state it is now     The Barrenbones: The immense extension of treeless hills that stretch from Mitra to as far as you can see to the north are called the Barrenbones. It is a desolated extension of rocky highlands bordered by the sea to the east, the Fernridge mountains to the north and the river Gante to the west and south. It is crossed by the river Skull. The Barrenbones became devastated by the Red Plague and has been teeming with Blood Walkers for a long time. Many say they can still be found in many of the ruins throughout the province. Under the rule of The Empire though, it has become an extremely religious province, full of monasteries and catacombs.   The Dustlands: Is a beautiful and magical region. While most of it is arid and full of rocks and sand dunes, the rivers have carved trough millennia a path towards the sea. There is countless canyons that go from the mountains to the main river gorge, and most of the lands in the bottom of these canyons are very fertile, and cities prosper there. The higher areas far from the water are home of the Sand People , and ancient nomadic tribal group that managed to survive the disease and all that came after. The Dustlands are limited to the north by the Fernridge mountains, to the east by the river Gante. The western boundary is the Backbone mountains and the south is the river Mitra.   The Wastes: Before Mitra expanded here, there was a kingdom that had managed to expand and stay protected trough a network of walls that were keeping the Blood Walkers outside. When Mitra arrived with her army, the king refused to surrender, and a terrible war took place. Nowadays most of the Wastes are just a reminder for other nations on what happens when you don't follow the lead of the Empire. Mitra forbid people to live in this region or repopulate its cities. Last years are seeing a surge in the need of metals, so The Empress decided to start recolonising the area, but this is a slow process and most of the area is just empty ruins or home to bandits or outlaws. The exception for this is the main river that crosses the land, called Harun , and the shores of the Mitra river, that are the borderlands of the Wastes. The Wasted is surrounded by the Mitra river and its delta, except to the south where it meets the Ringridge.   Blackwater: Named after the Blackwater lake, this area was not very affected by the plague. As a result the Blackwater kingdom grew unmolested in Black Island, in the middle of the lake, and managed to spread its influence around the hills and mountains that surround it. Blackwater became a client state of the Empire first, and was annexed many years after. However they managed to preserve the religion and many other aspects of their civilisation. This explains why it has such a distinct culture and so many peculiarities compared to other imperial regions. Also the fact of this region being isolated, strategically unimportant and not very mineral rich, has kept it safe from Mitra's imperialistic ambitions.   The Fernlands: This area receive its name due to the interesting endemic vegetation it possesses. It is all surounded by mountains, and it is quite a high plateau compared to the Autumn Forest to the north or the Dustlands to the south. The fernlandese survived quite well the plagued, and fought bravely the Blood Walkers even though they didn't have metallic weapons. However Mitra was aware of the immense gold deposits of this region, and its natural rich and abundance of timber, scarce in the city's surrounding areas. The conquest of the Fernlands were cruel and bloody. The efforts in cultural and religious colonisation have been constant. As a result, most civilised areas of this province are fully integrated in The Empire. Its mineral resources and strategic situation as access to the northern lands, made of it the second most important region only after the capital. Fernvault, the region capital, its also the second most populated city of the Empire.   Edgewood: Across the Fernlands plateau and before the huge White River Estuary there is a stretch of wooded land. It has been annexed to the empire after years of wars against the nations that once stood here, but Mitra managed to defeat them and built Waterun on the ruins of an old city, around twenty years ago, just where the Autumn river meets the White River. This has been seen as a massive offence by the northern powers, and will probably have consequences. Most Edgewood is sparsely populated and very rural, but colonies are being built in the coast and there are plans for exploiting this province soon.   The Eye of God: The mountains known as the Ringridge hold inside a volcanic crater that not many people has seen. The vast savannas inside are populated by tribes that remain faithful to their origins and customs. The place has always been so isolated that neither the red plague or the blood walkers managed to enter it. This is probably thanks to the massive fortress or Urkull, that protects the only known access to the valley, and the unfriendly character of the population, fierce and strong warriors. The Empire considers the Eye of God as part of its lands and they show it on their maps. They have not conquered it however. The people of the Eye of God don't consider the empire as their ruler neither, and they honestly don't care about what goes on outside the Ringridge. Mitra has surely tried to devise a plan to acquire this lands many times, but never managed.Instead the lands inside pay her tribute, and trade with the Empire all their surplus of goods.   Sharpshore: Between the Eye of God and the Sea there is a stretch of land filled of little coastal towns that has always been more interested in trade than in war. The capital city of the province, Abyssbridge, gained its wealth from trade with the inhabitants of the Eye, Mitra, and the harbour of Portumbeli. When Mitra decided to expand south, most of the city states of Sharpshore capitulated. The few that didn't were destroyed. The region is a true crossroad between the south and the Mitra Valley, and the sea and the Ringridge. This makes it a very urbanised area that has been deeply integrated into the imperial ways, but has also certain level of syncretism.   Forgehills: Home of what once was a proud league of city states. They survived the plague and managed to create a network of allies that kept the Blood Walkers out of sight. A vast extension of mineral rich wooded hills an rolling streams. They stood up against the expansion of the empire and dealt many hard defeats to The Empress. But they were finally defeated after a bloody war that made the world in fear. Now is a highly exploited mining region with an extremely polarised population, between imperial nobility and a huge slave native population. Many revolts have happened but have all been crushed.   The Marelands: This swampy lowlands are home to the Mare Folk. They created a tribal society that allowed them to survive all the difficulties and thrive. When the Empire attacked them they were not expecting it. They called for help from the nearby League of city states but they never answered. But the Mare folk are excellent riders and know very well their terrain, and they kept ambushing imperial armies. But they knew the Empire would not stop sending armies and eventually would win. They signed a peace agreement that integrates them in the empire but they have a high degree of autonomy.   Portumbeli: The southernmost tip of the Empire and trapped between The Marelands and the southern Lisarfang Mountains, Were not long ago the biggest rival of Mitra. The ancient city of Portumbeli is the only known city to have been inhabited continuously since before the Long Fall. The city is located on carved hills that now are by the sea. Impossible to conquer by land, they became strong against the blood walkers and claimed a long portion of land that falls from the Lisarfangs and reaches the Marelands. They Surrender to the Empire after an outbreak of red plague decimated its population. Most of the hills are abandoned now, and are said to have Blood Walkers in them, but the empire is dealing with the situation. The city however, has still an enormous importance with an incredibly corrupted nobility. Their part of the deal was to keep running the city in the name of the empire. They are accepting imperial impositions of all sorts.


The land army of Mitra is the biggest in the known world. The nation has an imperial army, the Hands of Mitra , that counts with over one million soldiers all over the Empire. There is also a number of Mercenary groups that have fight for the Empress in the past, in exchange of coin. The vassal states also count with an army, as many militarised branches of the religious groups. There is also slave armies that belong to certain gilded families

Foreign Relations

Mitra does not have official relationships with other countries. They allow antalean ships to trade in their harbours, and always had a good trading relationship with them based on leaving each one to their own affairs. Things are changing rapidly though. The empire is at constant war with the Remains of the Arnian League in the south, To the north its more and more suffocating the economy of The Autumn Tribes and getting in close contact with many other northern factions that are not pleased with Mitra's expansion.
Geopolitical, Empire
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Imperial Mask (gold, silver and copper)
Legislative Body
The Empress Mitra
Judicial Body
The Empress Mitra, but she rarely deals with most common issues. The Eyes of Mitra is a group of priests that make sure the law can reach every corner of the empire. It is a militarised religious order that has a clear ranking system that goes all the way up to the empress. they work closely with the Ears of Mitra. A secretive state organisation with an extensive network of informants.
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories

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