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Children of Heaven

Year 5525 after the Rain of Fire

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"After the Fall of all gods. After the sea swallows the land and kingdoms fall... After the Red plague spreads the dead will rise, skinless, and will feed from the living.   The tears of the last prophetess will cover the earth, and her cry will awake those who had been asleep for too long.   Evil will show a kind face. Temples will be built on its name   But the seed will bloom and repopulate the land with its power. People will recover the forgotten faiths and will destroy their fake idols.   The Children of Heaven will confront The Lie and will unite mankind under a single banner. And the prophetess will come back and retrieve what was stolen. For only her will be able to defeat what comes at the end of days, when horror crawls from the depths and invades our cities."

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