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Children of a Frozen Earth

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Welcome to the era of Post Cataclysm, where most of mankind has been exterminated in what is know as 'The Cataclysm'. The roughly two billion -out of a population roughly 8.2 billion- humans now live in great biodomed arcologies on Earth and various habitats and colonies on various moons and planets across Sol.   Many preconceptions and assumptions on rights and freedoms have been shaken through the Cataclysm, causing many of them to be restricted and some of them outright eliminated without fuss.   Three main factions -The People's Republic of China, Neo-Prussia, and the American Dominion- vie for domination in a cold war of their own making, positioning and preparing to dominate humanity and it's children in it's entirety.   Humanity isn't alone in this world, as uplifts -many of whom were designed by eco-terrorists known as Eco-Purists- share the same cities and colonies as humanity, with various degrees of citizenship.   As things slowly heat up towards a unification war, mankind must endure an uncaring and deadly universe...

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