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Chicago by Night

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The vampires of Chicago exist in an elaborate, constantly-shifting hierarchy.   Near the top sit the Elders, enigmatic and powerful, those who have weathered centuries which have granted them power but warped their minds. Just beneath them are the Ancilla, vampires just out of their first hundred years, powers in their own right but it remains to be seen which will continue to ascend. Below them are the neonates, young but established Kindred, with successes and failures but much still to prove.   At the very top sits Prince Fisher, ancient and foreboding, possessed of great intellect, skill, and raw power. And at the very bottom sit our players, youngest in the city and just tiptoeing into the larger world of darkness that surrounds them...  

Theme: Ambition   Mood: Don't Fight Harder, Fight Smarter   See "Creating a Character" for information on characters suitable for play.