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Air Grenades

Reusable (you read that right) grenades that use fans to pull in tonnes of air, close those fans to store the air and completely unhinge their fans to release massive quantities of air in an explosion. The grenade remains completely intact and begins sucking in air again after 30 seconds.

Of course, there are DNA locks and so on that prevent enemies from being able to use them, so there's no issue there.

Also, things can get real jazzy when, just for example, someone deliberately fills the grenades they throw with diseases or poisonous gases... yeah wow air weapons are actually utterly deadly and are considered the equivalent to sharpened sticks.

Manufacturing process

They're made on mass by the CHG, The LIR or League of Intelligent Races, countless corporations (the CHG lets private companies have lower-end weapons like these to deal with pirates and striking workers, the LIR's rules regarding things like this change from system to system). The Goners (3-4 foot tall lizard/velociraptor people) pioneered the technology as, before then, everyone was held back by the fact that messing with air with magnetism isn't particularly easy (as it's usually without an overall charge) and mass-producing a strong enough material for the amount of compressed air that could be stored to be worth it was a heavy limiter on the use of the technology.


A cheap method of blowing things up, with near-infinite potential for repeated explosions.

Item type
Weapon, Explosive
There are people who make them at home... said people have to be quiet about this.
14cm x 7cm x 7cm
Base Price
Equivalent to $650 USA, 2019 value.
Raw materials & Components
Mostly made of iron-carbon compounds to be strong enough not to break under the pressure, but any especially strong material will do the trick.
A 3D printer can make the parts while another machine, or even the same one that has the 3D printer as part of it, puts the parts together.

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