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The marshes of Ure

"Travellers be ware, the Marshes of Ure are no shortcut to the lands of Ouhe or Rho, there is no wealth here, no riches to be had, no fame to be sought, head back, go round. Please, leave the dead lie" says the voice on the wind, an enchantment to warn all who would wonder into the marshes, but why are the Marches so hopeless inhospitable? well one cannot talk of the Marshes of Ure without first citing the tale of Yorik and the battle of Ure, of which I provide an excpert for your convenience.   Excerpt from 'the tales of Yoristed': " and when Yorik turned from his striken foe he did see the desolation around him and wept for all the glittering hosts and noble kings who gave themselves for this victory, never again would the likes of whom grace this land."   Why is this relevant? Well my young pupil, legend tells of a battle long ago, before the great forests had taken root, before the birds learned their morning song, before even I had gone grey. A battle that saw the end of many bright paths to the future with the deaths of so many noble brilliant people. So much blood had been spilt, and such pain and suffering soaked into the earth that no plant was willing to grow bar the coarse grasses that will suffer anything. It is important to study how the residual magic has effected the area, that by one battle a whole area is now such a terrible place.


Islets of thick clay surorunded by pools and streams of indeterminte depth and flow are all to be found here. A few standing stones, sunken into the mud and mirky waters are the only differentiating landmarks, however there is still debate as to whether there are multiple standing stones or it is in fact just one.

Fauna & Flora

Mixed grasses all coarse and thick coat the little land to be found, there leaves hiding many quagmires and puddles. With semi aquatic breeds such as those listed below suffocating all competition.   Spike grass (Distichlis spicata)   Saltmeadow cordgrass (Spartina patens)   Oyster grass (Spartina alterniflora)
The thick mists that endlessly drift through the marshes befuddle the sense and confuse even the most certain of navigators.
Alternative Name(s)
The dead marshes

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