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ChessCon Earth

Loop 22, 7/22/16

Created by

The modern world turned on and on, up until mysterious and monstrous creatures only known as Chessmen began ravaging populations, destroying any living person that got in their way. Some speculated it was aliens, some insisted it was some extreme and complicated act of bio-terrorism, others further insisted it was God's work. To the struggling soldiers of Gestalht, they didn't exactly care when their lives were on the line. When a board of sixteen Chessmen begin to move into their city, it is up to a very unlikely and ever-so-slightly unorthodox team to try to put them down.   In the Castle, there are very few who would consider going against the King. But Left Knight's got different plans. King’s going to get them all killed one day, and if she's gotta be the strategist, the warrior, and a treacherous backstabber to save her teammates from being turned into the things they fight... well, by God she's gonna do it. Left Bishop, on the other hand, is absolutely livid. Everything she's known about the Castle is turned on its head when she finds exactly what it's been hiding, and if her "teammates" could stop fighting and actually help her do some scouting out of the damn place, she'd be able to do her job! And for God's sake, these pining soldiers needed to get together! And she was gonna bring them together, despite the fact that if they all died, they'd have to restart... you know what, maybe not. First things first, focus on Castle mysteries. And getting out of the game they've been thrown into.