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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Summer '22

I am but a wretched husk compared to the past version of myself who was nominated as Summer Camp 2021's "Most Beautiful Screeching Teacher." But who am I to deny the camp's call to order?

Creative Goal and Motivation

Speaking of husks, my world, Chellok, is sorely in need of all kinds of exploration and discovery. The prompt themes all sound directly adaptable to the overarching theme of the RPG campaign I'm running in Chellok. I'm excited to expand and explore more of my world, and just have a creative outlet. I also hope to create a few articles that entertain my players (or others) and/or add to the fun or realism of the world while playing.

Challenge Goal

I started using WA right before last year's SC, and camp was one of the greatest creative collaborative experiences I've ever had. 2022's brought some personal changes, and now I have less time to devote to world building and my campaign. But that's why I like summer: the days are longer. I shall aim for Copper, same as last year. That's two articles per week, which sounds doable if I utilize my freetime.

I've been quite absent in my worldbuilding, on WA, and in the community since last summer, so I hope SC provides the necessary kick in the rear to get me back creating. See you on Chellok!

SC Homework Week 2

How the prompt themes might connect to Chellok's setting and my goals for it.

SPOILERS: If you're a player who has somehow wandered to this article, you should definitely stop reading.
In my limited time for brainstorming right now, here's the first few ideas the come to mind as I think about the 'guiding prompt themes.'

  • Obviously the Far Side of Chellok, which I wrote about last year in SC. But it's literally half of the moon. What else is there to discover?
  • The swamps of Vessen
  • The archipelago of Dorsia Von
  • The eastern ocean of Chellok
  • The northern tundra? of Torgath
  • The desolated scar following the eruption of Mt. Kelnar
  • Leadership
  • I'm very interested in developing further how each of the nations differs slightly in their leadership and politics, but I also want to consider how to set these leaderships up, regardless of their level or type of organization, for interesting conflict that will propel storylines in the game.
  • Obviously this theme is closely related to my main themes for the world and campaign right now, the greyness of morality, power corrupts (The prompt themes of EXPANSE, DISCOVERY, and MONSTROUS lend themselves abstractly more towards my other main theme of mankind vs nature.)
  • Discovery
  • This one might be the most difficult to wrap in because I feel like this whole creative process: creating Chellok, the campaign, my players co-creating the world with me, is all a big experiment in discovering the world and making it all up as we go. But if prompts are asking about what things have been discovered, etc. It puts an uneasy creative pressure on me to have an answer, like that part of Chellok already exists. So, I sort of fear the discovery prompts leading me towards or pigeon-holing me in some type of framework that I'd prefer to not be constrained by. That being said, WA always has such great prompts which are not constrained by genre, so I hope to at least utilize them as thought expanding questions for world building.
  • Monstrous
  • This theme is very interesting to me and I hope to use its prompts to really propel the conflict of my main plot and the rawness of Chellok. The more my players encounter the monstrous-ness of Chellok and the Chellokan Eclipse's characters, the more I want to see where they decide to make a stand.


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