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To: Berard Katarene, Senior Vice President
Cc: Omron Board of Directors
From: Jebet Hiroden, Assistant to the Director of Lunar Outreach
Date: 21D/27M/14HE
Subject: Special Report on the State of the Dorsia Von Corporate Confederacy — Implications for Omron

Please find the attached report and accompanying documents as my official response to the Director of Lunar Outreach's request for an updated assessment on the state of the Dorsia Von Corporate Confederacy on its 5th sekoriversary.

To fulfil the DLO's request, I have spent the last 18 months as captain of a modified, unmarked company craft, pirating in meticulous order:
  • the entirety of the Dorsia Von archipelago
  • He3 ports on the southwest coast of the Far Side between the 12th and -63rd parallels
  • numerous outposts and settlements along the coasts of, Delos, Saebia, and Vessen
  • our competitor's vessels on the open sea

  • Furthermore, at the DLO's discretion, I attended the recent DV5 Summit held in Soladzu as an escort and used the intimate access this role provided to obtain sensitive information about competitors' margins, weaknesses, and exploitable assets. The report provides competitor information broken down into five-month increments along with a archipelago-wide market survey, detailing cost projections, vulnerable targets, and anticipated revenue opportunities in 60-month increments.

    Attachment 1 (119QKB): SUMMARY OPINION on Omron's Commitment to the DVCC.ddf
    D.V.C.C. Five Years In
    With the 5th sekoriversary of the Dorsia Von Corporate Confederacy upon us, it is the official opinion of the Office of the Director for Lunar Outreach that the alliance remains a defective, yet acceptable arrangement and that Omron's continued participation in the Confederacy remains in our best interests.

    We are not in a political, material, or financial situation to exert Omron company law over neighboring isles for any extensive length of time. The Confederacy has seen a decrease in direct military action from neighboring Delos, Saebia, and Vessen over the last year due to the Intra-Confederacy Defense Agreement signed at the DV4 summit. As such, the DLO office recommends that Omron honor its public commitments made at the DV5 summit, and maintain the status quo of "free poaching," which has allowed the achipelago as a whole prosper these last five years.

    Attachment 2 (61QKB): 14 H.E. Inventory of Expropriated Property.tbl

    14 H.E. Inventory of Expropriated Property

    No.ItemMarket PriceQuantityLocationDate of Acquisition
    1Delian-owned 11-Series LHe3 Tanker$158,000,0001Hesos Port18D/09M/14HE
    2Refined LHe3$19,500,0001,058,631 cubic mHesos Port20D/09M/14HE
    3Delian GK-48 Auto-Rifles$120,0001,200-13.120633, -37.44570224D/09M/14HE
    4Li-Ion Fuel Cells$670,90055Stapen City, Rail Island11D/10M/14HE
    5Refined LHe3$8,900,000472,178 cubic m-31.140218, -61.14634408D/11M/14HE
    6Hejus Tenki, CFO of Ameo Corp.$50,000,000 (est.)1█████████17D/11M/14HE
    7[TAMPERED QUANTUM DATA: FILE READ ERROR]$4,300,000iJi0EJtt2xWu'64*s~¥.(4h2'Bue=

    Attachment 3 (123QMB): Special Report on the State of the Dorsia Von Corporate Confederacy — Implications for Omron.ddf

    Inter-Office Memorandum

    This Omron Company memo, obtained by the Delos Office of Intelligence in 15 HE, was declassified along with hundreds of thousands of other documents in 20 HE as part of a propaganda campaign to whip up anti-archipelago sentiment amongst the human continental nations. Thanks to the verifiability of many of the quantum-encrypted Omron memos, which highlighted the underhanded and cutthroat culture of the corp-state, Delos was able to lead Saebia and Vessen in enacting unified economic sanctions against the Dorsia Von archipelago.


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    Jul 17, 2022 23:13 by George Sanders

    Ominous memo of corporate sponsored piracy! Lavani's review was "Evidence and will are not always available. The people of Delos found evidence and acted to stop the underhanded and cutthroat Omron."

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