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Vericraft: A Study in Reality (VAIR-ih-craft)

"The Vericraft Book" is the only collection of research on Vericraft compiled over the years, due to the lack of knowledge surrounding the subject. Few studies have been conducted on its abilities and the effects on its wielders, due to immense difficulty in locating any that were willing to sit down and discuss it.


What is Vericraft?

The name "Vericraft" stems from the root ver- which means "true" or "truth". Scholars have interpreted this to refer to a form of magic similar to Conjuration, in which reality itself is distorted to altered to suit the wielder's desires.

Identifying Vericraft

Confirmed observations of Vericraft remain elusive, though a common belief is it manifests as a bright violet magic. Different studies supposedly documenting Vericraft have disagreed, with some saying the violet color is magic from the Shadowfell, and not Vericraft. Others have argued that they are one and the same.

Vericraft's Powers

A common thread among studies and theories about Vericraft is that a minor power is the manipulation of materials, changing their state at-will. Vericraft users have allegedly flash-froze an entire lake on a whim, and others still weaponize ordinary objects around them.

Other abilities commonly attributed to Vericraft is at-will telekinesis. The most common theory regarding this is that Vericraft's power over matter also allows for the free movement and manipulation of it in any state.

Vericraft's Dangers

Several studies document Vericraft as being unstable and only those who have mastered it can truly control it. It allegedly can tap into the emotions of its wielder and amplify itself-- as if alive-- so the user must have absolute control over their feelings in order to consistently control it.
Report, Scientific
Current Location
Gobriak Anthenaeum
"I do not believe the soldier realized I was there, as the sword he wielded was already dripping fire as he carved through enemies. But, vastly outnumbered, the fire turned bright violet and glowed so hot and bright I had to back away. Surely it was Vericraft that created such a powerful weapon."
— Shifting Reality: Observations of Vericraft
Notes on Vericraft Masters
Every documented "master" of Vericraft has been a Voidwalker, though none have agreed to discuss their magic and their "broken Trifecta" with researchers, so data is absent.

Cover image: Ashijani Research Cover by Ynix


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