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Shadowed Souls: The Soul Brand

"Soul Magic is not for the faint of heart, lest you find yourself forever marked and bound to another without your knowledge."
— Shadows Souls: The Soul Brand pg. 168
Soul Magic is not an innocent magic to be trifled with, despite its allure to the ignorant and inexperienced, and few books on the subject exist in the present day.


Shadowed Souls dedicates an entire chapter to the Soul Brand and the power the Marker has over the Marked, depending on the skill lever of the Marker.

The Soulcaster

Anyone dabbling in inflicting the Soul Brand on someone becomes themselves becomes a Soulcaster whether they wish it or not, thus opening themselves up to being Marked by more powerful practitioners.

The Brand

The Soul Brand itself is an unusually dark, tattoo-like mark on the skin of its victim, though before long, they fade into marks similar to scarification tattoos. Its appearance is often sudden and catches the victim by surprise, but, even if the brand is removed, the pain associated with it is never forgotten in the nightmares of its victim.

The Power

Novice Soulcasters are only able to influence the opinions or mood of the Marked, while Masters can completely possess the body of their victim. If the victim is a Voidwalker, they are exceptionally vulnerable to this form of control.
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Soul Brand

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