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Pathfinder Conversion
Chardovil's systems are converting from D&D 5e to Pathfinder 2e!
Godslayer materials will written for PF 2e first, while Ascension materials will be converted later, due to the Upstairs Gang's ongoing Ascension Campaign.

Session 7: In the Shadow of the City Report

General Summary

Bright 31 1506

  • Gobriak
    • Yvrey Offices
      • Party & Heist Recaps
        • Ruth confesses under pressure about hers/her brother's curse
        • Averof briefly discusses past
        • Hrafnir tight-lipped about his past & ties
          • Nadyra confirms Hrafnir nearly killed him a few years ago
          • Comments about Hrafnir being wary of Caeda's ire
      • Caeda offers party tickets to see performance that night
        • She and her associates cannot attend
        • Party accepts
      • Nadyra mentions being out of town on business in the coming week
    • White Orchid Theater
      • Party charmed by performer's song
      • Devror jumps from balcony to catch falling performer
      • Questions About Incident
        • Fire magic has been uncontrolled lately
          • Fine in Altraxia, not in the West
        • Song is an attempt to control the audience and environment to avoid injuries
        • Performers convinced to suspend shows
          • Comments about trying ice effects instead
Upstairs Gang: Ascension
Ruth Vang
Report Date
17 Dec 2022

Cover image: Upstairs Gang Cover by Ynix
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