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Both campaigns for Vaguely Competent and Upstairs Gang have been temporarily suspended. Worldbuilding for Chardovil has slowed significantly but will continue as I have the time and mental energy to do so. I appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Session 3: Into Ashijan Report

General Summary

Bright 22-28 1506

Devror & Mavi
  • Devror & Mavi
    • Devror asks about powers, limitations of Vericraft
    • Can it be constructive? or is it only destructive?
      • Theoretically it can be constructive
      • Commonly used for destructive purposes

Hrafnir & Averof
  • Hrafnir & Averof
    • Hrafnir asks about Averof's death
      • Averof heard an inhuman voice
    • Any theories?
      • Okeyar, perhaps?


Bright 29 1506

  • Gobriak
    • Arrival in Gobriak
      • Mavi leaves party
      • Averof leads party to Caeda's office
    • Yvrey Office
      • Turn in magical skull
        • Devror mentions Averof's death
      • Sign employment paperwork for Yvreys
        • Ruth & Hrafnir had larger contracts
      • Caeda asks Hrafnir to talk privately for a moment
Upstairs Gang: Ascension
Ruth Vang
Report Date
18 Nov 2022

Cover image: Upstairs Gang Cover by Ynix
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