Pathfinder Conversion
Chardovil's systems are converting from D&D 5e to Pathfinder 2e!
Godslayer materials will written for PF 2e first, while Ascension materials will be converted later, due to the Upstairs Gang's ongoing Ascension Campaign.

Session 2: The Cursed Town Report

General Summary

Bright 20 1506

  • Chardovil West
    • Persuades Vochal guards to let them pass

Bright 21 1506

  • Kaedessa
    • Town Square
      • rescues Mavi from magma creatures
      • Ruth casts Detect magic
        • Discovers one of Mavi's swords is magical
        • Distant magical ping from around Inn
    • The Rusty Anvil
      • Devror discovers hidden trapdoor
        • Ruth discovers magical crystal skull in empty barrel
      • Averof paces upstairs
        • Hearth self-ignites, does not appear magical
        • Party returns, agreed to rest
          • Overhears Ruth talking to herself
          • She asks to talk to Mavi
Upstairs Gang: Ascension
Ruth Vang
Report Date
11 Nov 2022
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